Congrats 8AA8

Discussion in 'World 10' started by pur3 m4g1ck, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. jakelegend

    jakelegend Guest

    Gratz 8AA8.

    World would of died in the ass much quicker had the Die. Ctrl alliance not evaporate into thin air.

    @KW: The hate would of came one way or another. It's just how people are. They try and dislodge threats. I for one breathe that air in when I was around screwing with the early game politics of world 10. Had I actually been around for more then like 6 months. I would of scored plenty of more heat for CTRL.
  2. Sight

    Sight Guest

    Super like! :lol:

    He was more of a CTRL/Die. a** licker than anything else.
  3. Protesin

    Protesin Guest

    chicken curry
  4. heavyarms26

    heavyarms26 Guest

    Hey guys, anyone from W10 still play TW?

    Just started last week in W67 K74.. Kinda missed playing TW so I played again just for fun..

    heavyarms26 :)
  5. samyak

    samyak Guest


    me still hanging :D
  6. earthquake girl

    earthquake girl Contributing Poster

    Oct 25, 2007
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    I remember you. =)
  7. heavyarms26

    heavyarms26 Guest


    Cool.. What world are you playing now?
  8. heavyarms26

    heavyarms26 Guest

    hi earthquake girl :) i remember you too from DDB.. :)
  9. pbar

    pbar Well-Known Member

    Feb 13, 2008
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    Just came back here to clean up the cobwebs! Hi Heavyarms, I was in DDB with you and of course, EQ Girl.

    I dabbled a bit in other worlds after I left W10, nothing grabbed me. I also felt like playing again and came back to W67. I just gifted my villages to my tribemates though. I miss W10 a lot too, funny to see some of the names here now. I used to hate Harlos and Die. and Emperor Jon and all that crew back in the day...that's part of what made the world fun though, such a mix of characters.

    Since trying other worlds I've found it so difficult to find a tribe like DDB again, with a group of people I genuinely liked playing with. I reckon the only thing that would make me play properly again is if I could be in a pre-made with at least 20 other ex W10-ers.
  10. heavyarms26

    heavyarms26 Guest

    hi pbar.. :)

    i'm playing w67 too.. :) only 1 village so far in K74.. i feel the world is kinda slow compared to w10 before..