Congrats. :)

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I was a member of ~One~ til not too long ago, accidentally ended my sit and my acc got deleted lol. But I'm happy for them and would like to say congrats to all of them, and good job. Miss you guys :p lol

Also, just so this post isn't one of the other spam posts, List one of your funniest/best memories from w47!


Funniest memory, when they introduced the thing where you go on someones profile, scroll the villages, and it says 'display left over *enter number here* villages'
if you dont display those and run a fake script gen, it doesnt include the co-ords of those left over vills,

i did this, and ended up with a fake script for just 50 of mystic.ricks villages, he had around 120 at the time, maybe more.

along with Clara and UncleTurks we were mass faking mystic, about 2,000 fakes later i realised what i had done,
embarassed i told turks and clara on skype of my epicfail, they spent the following ten minutes laughing at my expense,
before ultimately realising they too, had done the same.

Karma, its a bitch.


(facepalm) did you really just admit we did that? :D

Yes that was highly embarrassing, annoying and hilarious!


Well we all promised to keep that a secret, but i thought, since its the last day or two, ill let it slip into the public, as i slip into another world!

freeman marsh

I was the Duke of ~one~ and I am actually a 13 yrd old drop out who sits at home and smokes pot all day.....but don't tell anyone :p


Back from the graveyard to say congrats to whoever survived, mostly against boredom! I'm glad ~One~ finally made it and good luck to all of you in future worlds.

W47 was a great run for me, one of my best worlds for sure. I had some great fun with a bunch of people until things got stagnant and boring. I love you all :3

Congrats again ~One~, you deserve this


Hi bela :p am haunting the skype on occasions... and hope to be back in a month or two... spending 1 or 2 months in Japan before heading back to the states. Hope you'll drop in would love to catch up :)