Congratulations and Thank You


As world 47 is about to close in the very near future I would like to thank some players, who without their time and help I would never have got anywhere in this game.
I would just like to take this time out to thank some players involved in my time on w47.

First of all I would like to thank players from my early time in the world including:

MonkyCMonkeyDo - Gave me the basic help at the beginning I needed to survive!
Azerah - Not the most popular person on the externals but helped me a lot with my game and development.
I would also like to thank Roudle, AHarmlessBunny, AppleByPaul and Relja Krilati for the early game fun I had with them.

Mid game I would like to thank Mr Cash and Olkainry38 for setting up PwN, to which I had the most fun with the wars against MAD and Uruz. I enjoyed the battles with players like Metaller,Majorbeer and Rainbow.Sprinkles, whenever that was through a sat account or my own one, it was always fun I have a lot of time for them.

I would like to thank Jay and Raven (along with the other dukes) for their time and commitment in setting up One, also congratulations on being easily the most feared duo on 47! I would like to thank Reece, for whom I have had the most colourful relationship with in my time in w47. :icon_biggrin:

Finally, I would like to thank Clara. I can not tell you how far the pair of us have come since our first fight and mails were exchanged. She has become one of the most complete players in this game (when her mother in-law is not round keeping her off the PC!) and I have nothing but good things to say about her. Clara is not only a great TW player, leader and tribe-mate, she is also a great friend.

Thanks to every player I have come across, whenever its been a tribe-mate, someone I have attacked, someone who has attacked me or someone who has bashed me on the externals, I have had a ball. Its been stressful, fun, enjoyable, horrible, hard-work and in the last 6 months wonderfully relaxing! So thanks for the fun times and well done to everyone for sticking out with the plan to close this world early after the removal of army camps!

Regards, UncleTurks.

PS- If anyone else has a story to tell of their journey through w47 or thanks I would enjoy reading them in other posts within this thread.
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As i said in game and on skype, been a pleasure Scott,
and i agree, 'the most colourful relationship' with you, this time last year, me and you were at each others neck, and now just look at us! Couldnt have done k62 without you, and cant think of someone else i would have rather have done it with!
Id also like to thanks Mr Cash and Olkainry38 for setting up the tribe we were in, and Azerah for (even though i declined the position) giving me duke privs to PwN..

at which point i met Clara and Applebypaul, honeslty could not have done it without them back then! And to this day cant do anything with out Clara, as Scott said, not only a great player, but a great friend! Ive even decided to join W46 to stay with her (no doubt going to be the biggest regret of my life hehe)

unfortunately PwN was not meant to be, so i would like to, again also, thank Jay and Raven for taking me Paul, Clara, Scott and Nate into their tribe, Uruz
Individually id like to thank Raven for all the work she did in One before quitting, and Jay for giving me the chance to have a place in One in the first place!

from One onwards id like to thanks VatoLoco, Rattlesnake8 and sloopz for just being good team players and friends, been a joint effort between the 4 of us Clara and Scott to bring our area to an end!

Obviously i cant name everyone, but there isnt a player in One i wouldnt like to thank, so ill just leave it at that, thanks One, for the fun, the help, the memories, and the friendships!

See you elsewhere, soon hopefully, Reece

P.S i guess its only fair to name my favorite enemies, the ones that shone out, brighter than the rest,
firstly, Fleming67, put up a great fight, one of the only enemies to ever fight back against me, good person to talk to too, had genuine fun fighting with him.
also, LivnLarge, his tactic would not be my first choice of tactic, but it worked very well against our tribe, and much respect to him for sticking it out to the end and not giving up without a fight!
and lastly, Conquering Knight, probably one of the players who lasted the longest against us, if im not wrong, still not rimmed to this day. Congrats.

there are many other enemies, for the rest of you, i'd just like to say a quick thankyou for the OD..:lol:


Congrats to ~ONE~ (bth. uruz and TEC) and I hope seeing you guys in some other world.

Congrats to present and former members on one and to people involved during my time - mesomeso, roskeemo, Jamabadar(quit), Epic beard Man (quit) all members of early NE tribe.

Yeah it was interesting world with its own ups and downs, one should still remember tribes which
made this world interesting like FEAR, OMEGA, POSSE and many others .....

I left this world relatively early but was around checking up on my friends and even though i never met Conquering Knight he did exceptionally well, therefore best luck to you wherever you are.



cheer reece,

For me its nice as for many months ONE was red to me, and im delighted they are now blue, of course I do wish to thank Rattlesnake8 he taught me alot when we were on w18, thank Clara for never nobling me even though she could have, beOwned well without yourself and clara I wouldnt have so many of the villages I do now and UncleTurks for helping me expand further south and for being a fellopw Scotsman (even though your moving), seriously when I was in Rock and Gin these guys helped me expand and fought some to keep me in tribe. Also wanna thank freeman for letting me join even though I only had 300k odd points and Social Disorder for eventually accepting me. Also want to thank everyone else in One you guys have gave me a great laugh and helped me alot.

But as I was in Rock and Gin I do wanna thank Mystic.Rick you were a great player and shame you gave up, and ConqueringKnight while I know you didnt like me you put up a nice fight and gave me most incoming :p. Ramtwo, I do wish I didnt have to turn on you you were a great friend while we fought on same side. Also wanna thank everyone on the list on my game profile who stated I would never get there villages.


Just want to say thank you to a few players who made world 47 fun for me. I never really planned on doing a lot here, but these players made it a lot of fun, both as friend as well as foe

Big thanks to

Ruey3, who nobled me right at the begining, but always been decent and a fun player
ConqueringKnight, for being a rfeal team player as well as never giving up, even with the odds massively against us!
Candidus, who was ever helpful as well as fun. would be fun with you in new world should we end up together

and last of all thanks to all those players I attacked a year ago, as nobody could clear my single village and it was a great experiment.

see ya in a new world maybe oneday :icon_twisted:
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Well, last months I wasn't really playing anymore but before I was totally rocking this world... So there is barely anyone for me to say thank you... but OK here I go

First of all I want to thank Innogames for creating this game, otherwise we couldn't even play this world! DOH! I want to thank our very annoying moderators who kept posting in the good vs evil topic (c'mon how old are you????):icon_rolleyes:
Furthermore I want to thank all my targets for being nobled so easily cuz I am a really lazy player, so yeah, you guys really sucked!

I want to thank my kid social disorder for let me bashing him all the time, I want to thank Ruey for being the evidence that beautiful people are playing tribalwars! (oh, Raven included). I want to thank elfjoy just for being elfjoy... I dunno but I just had to place the name elfjoy here. I want to thank Candy aka candidus for being one(actually two) of the few leftover active players. I want to thank Jatsie for being such a childish player in the tribe, he almost made me attack him. Seriously.:icon_eek: I want to thank freeman marsh for all the love he sends at me. :icon_redface: and of course routlee for being still around :)

[spoil]And, of course! I want to thank the spoiler function, its really cool!!! And it made me famous all over the world!!! [/spoil]

I want to thank ruey again for being my obsession! (I know where you live!:icon_twisted: ) And I won't visit you because its to far away!..

Mmm, did I forgot someone... Oh, I want to thank Ruey Or I already did i have do did I that..?



Since I'm always one to put my two cents worth in, I'll give it a go...

Congrats to ~One~ on finishing what we set out to do... end this world quickly!

Whether we did it the "right way or wrong way" is and was the subject of many debates, but the one fact that can't be debated is that we stuck together throughout the process, when others said "no way." Personally, I never thought I'd see an "end" to a world being on the victorious side, and there are only a few Tribal Wars players who can say they actually won.

There are many "thanks" that should be said... my apologies from the beginning if your name is not mentioned, but due to playing TW so long, my memory isn't what it used to be :icon_biggrin: (was that 656|332 or 665|323?)

My co-player and better half>>> We met in world 41, when she told me "join my tribe or die." I can't express how glad I am that I took her seriously, and we decided to co-play here... little did we know that Tribal Wars would turn into Tribal Match-Maker. Long story short, my co-player turned into my friend, then my crush, then my wife and best friend. I still sometimes miss those little white envelopes when logging in :icon_redface: Ever defensive-minded, now she can just smack me in the back of the head when I lose troops :icon_eek:

woody1974>>> Thanks for rimming us to start this world... that was one village we never took back :icon_razz:, but put us in a position to never let it happen again. On a side note - Thanks to A.D.D for kicking us to start the world due to our crap location. I wonder how many players are left from THAT tribe?

Social Disorder>>> Always helpful and always around... what more could you ask for? If I'm not mistaken, he took a chance on us and brought us into T.E.C. & on the front lines vs. LAP was someone I/we could count on in a pinch. Thanks

POL>>> Mr. No Defense and spoiler-mad... could always count on a spam or two or three and a :lol:, not mention never-ending nukes.

Raven (hope you're well) & freeman marsh>>> highly organizing the unorganized... ~One~ generally ran itself, but leave it to these two to "smack us around" (especially Raven) if we got too far out of line, and I was one player who definitely liked to stir the pot to see what would rise to the top :icon_wink:

LAP>>> made the game fun for us.

TheHowling>>> not "serious" about world 47, but one of last few players left standing in the end... still waiting for that "strategy" and reminded me that this is a GAME... too bad we didn't meet sooner

Thanks to all our tribe mates who continued to assist with ending this world in whatever way possible... It was fun and frustrating and fun and frustrating and... you get the picture... it's a GAME, but I'll miss it. - candidus (Allen & Jill)


yeah, thanks to everyone that toughed it out and stayed till the end.

and since I was inactive, like.. hmm. always, I guess it gave someone else the chance to be top 3 ;op
so,, I guess that means that everyone in the top 20 should send me some Premium points ;op *MUURRRHHHAAAAA*

Good game everyone :)



This has been one very long (but still quite short) world. I'm so glad we have finally made it to the end, I think if I had to noble another noob I'd

A huge well done to everyone in One, we stuck it out and achieved that absurd goal we set ourselves. I'd also like to thank everyone I have played alongside for the last 18 months, there's been so many come and go from this world I couldn't mention you all.

A special mention does have to be made to the following people without whom I'd never have made it to the end.

UncleTurks - My tw husband, what a journey we've had. I'm sure we'll stay in touch for a long time. I wouldn't have stuck 47 for this long without you

Applebypaul - My coplayer at the beginning we had some good battles together. Shame you're no longer playing tw. I'm sure the addiction will come back at some point
Beowned - From co-duking to just tearing up the South West we've been together for a long time. Im glad you're coming to join me in w46 so it doesn't end
Raven & Jay - Amazing dukes and players, I would have quit long ago if it wasn't for the effort Raven put into keeping us all focused on the end goal. Its a shame you guys didnt make it to the end, you were so close.
Rainbow Sprinkles - what can I say but...

freeman marsh - You kept the gang together until the very end, thanks.

My favourite enemies of this world

JJJ-Raven-JJJ - The players that introduced me to being opped by army camp. It was brilliant fun, horribly stressful and made me the player I am today. Thanks
Metaller - I think I nuked you more from Uncleturk's account than my own, but it was fun to nuke you :p
Geeky,nomad,Wild1,Pamster - Although I may have seemed calm, you guys really made me work when I first moved over to Uruz, it was fun battling you.
Ramtwo & Conquering Knight - You were our final battles of the world, well done for holding on for so long.
Sissco - I'd nearly forgotten him but how could I do that? Sissco's absurd mails and propaganda had Uncleturks and I in hysterics for a very long time. It's a shame we rimmed you so soon.


Unfortunately i had to leave due to issues in real life, before all was done. Didn't realise it was a year since i left, how time flies! Finally made it back to TW just as Clara said i would :p.

Reading throught the comments from old tribe mates i must say there's not more that i can add to whats been said. As UncleTurks, Beowned and Clara have mentioned all those named were helpful helped us on our path.

I enjoyed my time on w47 and started off with UncleTurks from the start. I kinda followed the same path and got the same instructions as he did. I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely Clara who must have been at her whits ends at times with me! Everytime we had a nuke i sent it out! And i left her to pick up the pieces of tidying up the reports and account! Without her i doubt this woul have not ended as it did! On that note...

And to Reece, you caused some headaches but we got through it! We had a laugh caused a stir or two and all worked out in the end! I just wish i could have seen it through!


Anyone who bothered poking at One and who has the option to join the super (annoying) tribe and refused. We coulda won by slowly being bored for forever... But there were better options.

Didn't win the world, but just a few peeps worth recognizing I suppose

Freeman marsh for leading us when he did.
SD, for doing a good job leading when he did.
Social Suicide.
JJJ, I fully believe would have ousted the other two major tribes, had One not been created.
My co-player, Inactive100, for being a great guy and a great player.

I'm sorry that things ended the way they did, but here we are. So. Another world, another village, another chance. Look forward to it gentlemen (and ladies).
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