Congratulations in advance!!. [[ Hi Ho ]]


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During hostilities between them, attack of AAA breaks the battle line.

you guys have already come down! isnt it? ( battle line )

Try it!!

Neither attack nor defense is near the front.


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AAA score down.
( 4 mil down )

Spent 2 weeks collecting attaks.

They forced the account password.
and apolodize for the trouble.

but they spoke ill of us behind their backs.

and pretending to be conciliatory.

There are at least 800 attacks now.

They smile in front and curse behind them. F**K haha ^^

Three to five days later, an empty house

[[ So one of This player has been banned and cannot be attacked or supported ]]

[[ nice! ]]


to be a SO! 2.0 we would need same goals and leadership. SO leadership went a long time ago, guess you dident make JLK's cut all that time ago :)


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Yes lads world 92 is staying poppin

Active as heck. Best world ever, defo no recomending we all join same tribe and get rid of this terrible world :)
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