Congratulations to Rage!


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Congratulations Rage! for wining the world. You deserve it. I have to commend you guys on turning the tribe around and winning the world. Good job guys and gals!


Thanks sathom! It was a long climb from the K50s up to the K10s but finally this war is over and the world will be closed in a few days. I am so proud of all my RAGE warriors that stuck it out till the end, gonna miss you guys!


Sathom thanks for the thread. Class act all the way except when you are debating lost causes. But we all make poor choices once in a while.


lol if i had not quit tw that time i could have finally tasted victory. i was in |RAW| who had eventually merged or formed RAGE!

congrats to RAGE! and |RAW| --from k71 with love