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I would like to congratulate my fellow comrads on the victory, and of course or resistant enemies who put up a hell of a fight! Been a pleasure playing with you all, and ill hope to see you on future worlds. (108 baby) Been a fun year+ and i would like to thank you all for the memories.

I would also like to thank 3 very special accounts for making the world fun:

Pure Carnage - yw for the support
Cornetto/rum - idk how you are rank 1, but ok.
WeAreAnonymous - Acquiring the skills do to absolutely nothing and still sitting in the winning tribe

Shadow out!


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Well the only person there i know is WeAreAnonymous there but congrats on the win guys, if your tribe is playing in 108 i'd like to join with you and you wanted any info on my just write me in Casual 6 in Ghost.


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Congratulations to Anarchy Legends on the victory.

It has been a fun world from the start for myself.

My favorite moment was changing the ODIN war. It was very intense but fun at the same time for myself. (Silentium)

I would also like to thank

Cornetto - For being a great duke.

- For always trying to sound like a pro. <3

Frainzil - For being our war buddy in all of the wars we fought together.

WeAreAnonymous - For always being around and helpful when someone needed it.

I'll also like to thank ODIN GOD OF WAR for all the fun drama that made the world a little more interesting and weird. And the tribe Noble for being great mates with us along the way. And lastly of all the Demo players that stayed until the end and didn't give up. Its good to see those type of players still left in TW.

Good job everyone.

- Charlton
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Although they were not world winners, never forgot Anarchy Exotic. The world never would have been won without those players.