I am a European player, now playing for 6 years. I do not have any world victories, but I have a solid knowledge of the game (like sniping, backtiming, basic planning-skills, tactics, scripts, etc).
I am a great startup farmer, but nowdays I often lack the time and will to farm very hard, but my knowledge on it is ,in my opinion, more than solid.

As I mentioned above, I lack freetime nowdays, that is why I am looking for a co. Also I found that it is easier to preserve enthusiasm when I have a co. My active times are mainly 6-17, so best fit would be a us, or indonesian, or an aussie coplayer.
I am planning to play a rather laid back style, so if you are looking for a co for a top 10 farming profile, I am not your man. But if you are looking to play a solid, not rushing, veteran style of game, and maybe make a shot at a good endgame as a roleplayer in a contending tribe, I am who you are looking for ;)

You can reach me here in the externals, in PM.

Edit: I have really no worlds preferred, so I am down to playing if you need a co on an already existing account, or whatever :)
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