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yes we can all agree this was an unfortunate cake walk for CORP. Very disapointing actually. The first wave was hampered by to many inactive/not cooperative players. The second wave that landed today did not have the same inpact, but with Noble trains on 10 of 12 of my villages it was pretty much in the cards how it was going to go. I have been heavly supporting other players the last week, and the troops have slowly been withered down. Combined with a extremly busy day at work it just didnt go as it should.

Have lost 6, still one noble to go, but thats dead before it hits. With a normal day at work it would have been 2....but thats the way it goes. Anyways in the top 5 defenders, top 15 supporters and top 10 i opponents defeated in the world, didnt just roll over, can live with that when I now leave.

However there was an little incident today that I would like to share since I have noticed a certain clan leader pulling out some attack information from W90 and using it to ridicule a player. And of course because of the low level way they started this thing.

Well during the first wave last week I renoble a village that had a lot of support coming in from far away. Most was pulled, but 4-5 players left their troops behind. When the fakes started to hit yesterday all but one player pulled their support; said clan leader. So I thought I would share this little story of an unfortunate attack from one of his tribe members.

This is what was left behind, nice stack! As you can see I was free to send my troops to my stack in another village, youre a gem :D


Ups, here they come!!! Everybody run!!..except the troops from our illustrious CORP leader that is :D


Nuke ahoy!! Blue on blue, CORP on CORP!


You go 1.noble, die as a hero, but you cleared the bad it wasnt enough...


We all do mistakes, no one is perfect, we all should keep that in mind when we talk trash about others....
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Hehe, we are getting to old for this shit, the relics with no scripts, PP, premium tools and what ever ;-)

We should start a kick ass tribe on a world, where loyalty and honour is the key values! Entry requirements; Played w1-w10! :D