Corp Family Declares war on -300-


That's right people. Our worlds big and scarry rank 1 tribe with their recently converted family tribe has decided to declare war on my tribe. -300-.

Now its one thing to attack my tribe. Op my tribe. But to declare war? Is this really the actions of a rank 1 tribe? To declare war on a tribe what is literally not even 1/4th the size of your tribe (and were not even counting your family tribe)

Yet for the past 3 days we have been at war. A corp op has landed on us in that time and it has become obvious why they declared war on us.

They took 4 villages in their first wave on us which is not a 100% failure of an Op. But considering the size difference of our tribes and the fact they were trying for so many more villages i feel that my little tribe of spartans have held well.

This will he an uphill battle for us Spartans. But much like the spartans of history we have no fear of death and will not surrender. Not even against the endless hordes of Persian or Corp forces alike. We will continue to fight as one unit until this corrupted Corp has been taken down or our last spartan gives his last village fighting against the oppression of this Corporation.

I'm aware that this isnt much of a post about war as it should be here on the externals. But to be honest i shouldn't be the one posting this. Corp should have had the decency to post but i doubt they want the world to know that they would rather fight a tribe my size then deal with any of the other larger tribes in the area.

They picked us for what they hoped would be an easy fight. We will not go down that easy.

See you all on the battlefield
- duke of -300-


A war in this world? Well, I guess there's a first for everything.

Back in the day normally the number one tribes declared war on tribes INSIDE the top 10, but I guess nowadays it's cooler to have a family tribe in the top 10 and declare on two outside the top 10. :eek:


Pretty much. I'm guessing its because were Spartans. In history if i remember correctly the persians feared the Spartans despite the fact the outnumbered them greatly. This is the only reason i can think of for them declaring.

Scared of what we would become.

And to padd war stats


Maybe they're just trying to fatten up. Of course, we all know what happens when a hog gets too fat.

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Duke of CORP here

I think I should give you some respect and reply. The main reason we declared on you was because of how arrogant one of your members Was and your location.

You did well defending against the first op and 300 got a lot of respect for that but coming on the externals like this what was you hoping for ? . I wish your tribe the best of luck and I hope you enjoy your last moments in CORP back lines thanks


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Never Trust this little Traitor


Nicep isn't In my tribe anymore is he? And of course i made an external post. Thats what you do during a war. Or atleast back when tribalwars was a game of skill you did.


take it to em guys!

hope you put up a good fight like your making out you will ;)



Brace yourselves Spartans. Good luck to both sides.



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Side 1:
Tribes: -300-
Side 2:
Tribes: CORP, C0RP

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 2
Side 2: 5
Difference: 3


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 4,194
Side 2: 29,598
Difference: 25,404


This is interesting considering corp family are much bigger than -300-


Much bigger? More like they dwarf us in size lol

It is interesting to look at though and we will do our best to keep it interesting in the time to come
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We will do our best to make you proud commander.

Down with the corp!


Always find myself cheering for underdog... hard not to find yourself wishing them well...
At least someone is not partaking in this giant group hug of a world...
Go 300