Countdown, continued


Thanks again Tokstolle.

Two more new villages? Is that 2 more mods joining us?


Family status

EG fam - 177.054 village - 68,17% of owned village (64,64% of total) (Up 238)
TA fam - 80.314 village - 30,85% of owned village (29,25% of total) (Up 308)
Other tribes - 849 village - 0,33% of owned village (0,31% of total) (Up 68)

Family status

EG fam - 177.663 village - 68,27% of owned village (64,86% of total) (Up 609)
TA fam - 80.366 village - 30,88% of owned village (29,34% of total) (Up 232)
Other tribes - 843 village - 0,32% of owned village (0,31% of total) (Down 6)

Can always rely on Tokstolle, thanks again, looking forward to next week due to numbers not being affected by TheOne ;)

Done, this is the numbers for the last two updates with theone11 included in TA-family.


bigpee shall be joining that list as well

I'm surprised he's still here. He's been sick off and on for the past year. Thought he would have quit a long time ago. He's been inactive since March lol!! So that was pretty easy. The key members in this war aren't going anywhere though.


Ahh Kim K. Shes quite attractive. And Xander, I am obviously no longer in the world, but I check in from time to time. It will be interesting to see what happens when all the active players are the only people remaining. This as truly been a great world to watch and be apart of.


rejoin then silly...but on the side of light :0 (SPQR's)


I don't have that much experience running a multi million point account. The highest I got was about 1.1 mill I think. I was never extremely good at this game, so I don't think I'm the best candidate for an account. Allthough I have so much time on my hands now.


It will be interesting to see what happens when all the active players are the only people remaining.

Most of the active people left in Aten/EA have never had to do a real fight on this game, there are a few exceptions obviously, so most will be easy to noble and would cry over losing a village. Oh how fun it will be when we reach those people...

Mikeys is someone i think would cry if things didn't go his way.


Bring it on then and let's see who cries first my ugly friend :lol:


The numbers is in the spoiler below.

[spoil]Length of time since last post: Approximately 7 Day(s)

Players left: 176 (Down 2)
Players - More than 0 points: 173 (Down 4)
Players - More than 500k points: 158 (Down 3)
Players - More than 1 mil points: 149 (Down 2)
Players - More than 5 mil points: 112 (Down 1)
Players - More than 10 mil points: 80 (Down 2)
Players - More than 15 mil points: 63 (Down 1)
Players - More than 20 mil points: 53 (Down 1)
Players - More than 25 mil points: 44 (Up 2)
Players - More than 30 mil points: 34 (Same)
Players - More than 35 mil points: 23 (Same)
Players - More than 40 mil points: 16 (Up 2)
Players - More than 45 mil points: 11 (Same)
Players - More than 50 mil points: 8 (Up 1)
Players - More than 55 mil points: 6 (Same)
Players - More than 60 mil points: 4 (Same)
Players - More than 65 mil points: 4 (Same)
Players - More than 70 mil points: 2 (Same)
Players - More than 75 mil points: 1 (Same)

Only includes top 40 members:
Tribes left: 44 (Same)
Tribes - More than 0 points: 14 (Same)
Tribes - More than 10mil points: 6 (Same)
Tribes - More than 100mil points: 4 (Same)

Total villages in w2: 273.928 (Same)
Barbarian villages: 14.674 (Up 963)
Owned village: 259.254

In comparison with last sunday

Number of deleted accounts: 2

Lost account

TA|REB - 23 million
EG|LWS - 570k (left EG early april)

note: This is the amount of points that they had last sunday

Family status

EG fam - 178.624 village - 68,90% of owned village (65,21% of total) (Up 961)
TA fam - 75.667 village - 29,19% of owned village (27,62% of total) (Down 4.699)
Other tribes - 3.811 village - 1,47% of owned village (1,39% of total) (Up 2.968)

Other worlds

World 1 players left170 (Down 3)
World 4 players left145 (Same)
world 6 palyers left158 (Down 2)
World 7 players left17 (Same) - world closed
World 10 player left136 (Same)
World 12 players left119 (Same) - world closed
World 14 players left146 (Down 3)
World 15 players left120 (Down 2)
world 16 players left177 (Same)
World 18 players left217 (Same) - world closed
World 27 players left212 (Same) - world closed
world 36 players left154 (Down 3)[/spoil]

Theone did rejoin TASPQR last week but then TA had another player leaving TA and creating a own tribe that I will include in indenpendent tribe untill more info. TA had also a bigger player that decide to leave w2 last week.
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If getting support all the time and people to send long range stuff is fighting, then yes you have done a lot of fighting.