Crash & A|V introduced to Shock Therapy


welcome :)

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welcome world 48 posters / readers allow me to introduce myself,
My name is RustyJaguar (in game) otherwise known to the haters as Failminator 4 but anyway i am 19 years old and love playing this game :icon_eek: and today i grab your attention to a probably long and boring thread (hence why there is a theme song :p) anywayz.......

back a couple of months ago there was a tribe known as Shock (obviously :icon_rolleyes:) who had conflicts with a tribe called Brave! because of their NoObish ways of recruiting inactive barb nobling refugee's in which this then lead to more conflicts and so on and so on in the end Shock were up on stats and won that battle.

then as things went on Brave! decided to war R3M4K3 in which Caglen asked Shock help for in n exchange for an alliance but unfortunately i cannot seem to find that mail to prove it :(

the many months later Brave! and SubV merged together because they thought it would win the world (which i highly doubt) and they did it so fast without notifications to their members.

and now Shock has finnally had enough of Crash's lieing schemed cheating ways that we decided to do something about but unfortunately 4 Hours before we were due to Declare on Crash they declared on us.

so Walshaw you asked for a tribe to step up and fight Crash yes?
well we will answer your call.... we do not expect to win nor is it likely but we will do the best that we can to do them alot of damage:


the war is now on and i will put money on Shock that we get the first Conquer :icon_wink:

End Juicy Stuff
Caglen Convo 1
[SPOIL][15:35:55] RJ (Cubone): would appear you have another mole in your tribe lol
[15:42:23] RJ (Cubone): lol ;)
[15:44:14] Caglen Brave! Duke: really?
[15:44:19] Caglen Brave! Duke: who?
[15:44:28] RJ (Cubone): and why should i tell you?
[15:45:12] Caglen Brave! Duke: why else come here?
[15:45:41] Caglen Brave! Duke: except to prove you have a mole
[15:45:55] RJ (Cubone): because i wanna discuss your strategy for attacking us
[15:46:00] RJ (Cubone): and how you need to Change it
[15:46:21] Caglen Brave! Duke: why change it?
[15:46:33] Caglen Brave! Duke: quick and clean or long and dirty
[15:46:56] RJ (Cubone): Nuke far noble close is 1 of the worst strategy's i have ever used
[15:47:07] Caglen Brave! Duke: why?
[15:47:24] Caglen Brave! Duke: you prefer to noble long?
[15:47:33 | Edited 15:47:38] RJ (Cubone): because if i dodge those nice tasty Nukes that are comming far away you wont get very Far
[15:47:43] Caglen Brave! Duke: true
[15:47:51] Caglen Brave! Duke: we have to give you a chnace
[15:48:04] RJ (Cubone): give us a chance with us
[15:48:10] RJ (Cubone): what chance?
[15:48:15] Caglen Brave! Duke: to dodge
[15:48:21] Caglen Brave! Duke: and snipe
[15:48:45] Caglen Brave! Duke: we like you really
[15:48:59] RJ (Cubone): well Shock will welcome whatever you can throw at it because it's all part of our plan ;)
[15:49:16] Caglen Brave! Duke: good, I knew you'd enjoy it
[15:49:42] RJ (Cubone): Just be prepared Your tribe will come to an end otherwise
[15:50:35] Caglen Brave! Duke: kk
[15:50:39] Caglen Brave! Duke: sent you a mail
[15:51:06] RJ (Cubone): damn you beat us to it >_>
[15:51:25] Caglen Brave! Duke: ((devil))
[15:51:39] RJ (Cubone): if you had waited another hmmmm
[15:51:41] RJ (Cubone): 4 hours
[15:51:47] Caglen Brave! Duke: ha ha
[15:51:47] RJ (Cubone): we would of declared on you
[15:51:53] Caglen Brave! Duke: how amny incoming you got?
[15:52:00] RJ (Cubone): dunno
[15:52:27] RJ (Cubone): why?
[15:52:34] Caglen Brave! Duke: just wondered
[15:53:03] Caglen Brave! Duke: I've not b een involved in this war planning so don't know much about it
[15:53:24] RJ (Cubone): tsk tsk if your gonna create war you should be prepared
[15:53:30] Caglen Brave! Duke: we are
[15:53:44] RJ (Cubone): we will see ;)
[15:53:57] Caglen Brave! Duke: hows the eastern alliance going?
[15:54:10] RJ (Cubone): what easten Alliance?
[15:54:14] Caglen Brave! Duke: hah
[15:54:28] RJ (Cubone): really going back to this?
[15:54:33] Caglen Brave! Duke: we want to see what ~For~ will do
[15:54:54] Caglen Brave! Duke: they talk big for a tribe so far away
[15:54:58] RJ (Cubone): ~FOR~ is not on the east >_>
[15:55:02] Caglen Brave! Duke: i know
[15:55:06] Caglen Brave! Duke: haha
[15:55:19] RJ (Cubone): so why did you mention east and alliance if they re north?
[15:55:30] Caglen Brave! Duke: they seem to be involved for some reason
[15:55:36] Caglen Brave! Duke: dunno why
[15:55:45] Caglen Brave! Duke: that's why I want to see what they will do
[15:56:47] Caglen Brave! Duke: where are elfw by the way
[15:56:52] Caglen Brave! Duke: can't see them on the map
[15:57:05] Caglen Brave! Duke: wondered if they are n injas
[15:57:23] Caglen Brave! Duke: hiding
[15:58:57] RJ (Cubone): dunno
[16:01:10] Caglen Brave! Duke: you gonna merge then?
[16:03:08] RJ (Cubone): no
[16:03:18] Caglen Brave! Duke: no acceptance?
[16:03:33] RJ (Cubone): what to merging my trib into another?
[16:03:43] Caglen Brave! Duke: with another tribe
[16:04:04] RJ (Cubone): my tribe is not going anywhere how many times do i have to tell you
[16:04:09] RJ (Cubone): RJ (Cubone) rolls eyes
[16:04:20] Caglen Brave! Duke: they said no then?
[16:04:36] RJ (Cubone): who said no?
[16:04:58] Caglen Brave! Duke: haha
[16:05:01] Caglen Brave! Duke: still all slippery
[16:05:18] Caglen Brave! Duke: I've just been told about what you think you know
[16:05:18] RJ (Cubone): no your just that stupid that your beleiving your own lies >_>
[16:05:21] Caglen Brave! Duke: and it's old
[16:05:34] RJ (Cubone): hmmm we will see
[16:06:25] Caglen Brave! Duke: while you talk to me some one is confirming what you are talking about
[16:06:37] Caglen Brave! Duke: giving me the truth
[16:06:47] Caglen Brave! Duke: about what's happening in your tribe
[16:07:02] RJ (Cubone): hmmm sure they are
[16:07:29] Caglen Brave! Duke: we know about your merge proposals
[16:07:38] Caglen Brave! Duke: and that you were turned down
[16:07:54] Caglen Brave! Duke: and your alliance with repinski
[16:08:00] RJ (Cubone): really tell me who i offered or asked for a merge?
[16:08:18] Caglen Brave! Duke: I'll tell you tomorrow as it won't matter then
[16:08:22] RJ (Cubone): if you know so muc you will know who i asked and when i asked
[16:08:28] Caglen Brave! Duke: I do
[16:08:38] RJ (Cubone): you cant tell me because your bullshitting again
[16:08:47] Caglen Brave! Duke: Ask me tomorrow
[16:08:54] Caglen Brave! Duke: though you may not want to then
[16:08:57] Caglen Brave! Duke: ((devil))
[16:09:15] Caglen Brave! Duke: we have a long list of players waiting to join us
[16:09:22] RJ (Cubone): im sure you do
[16:09:28] Caglen Brave! Duke: they are very helpful
[16:09:31] RJ (Cubone): ******* being one of thm?
[16:09:37] Caglen Brave! Duke: who's he?
[16:09:49] RJ (Cubone): i know more than you think
[16:09:56] Caglen Brave! Duke: do you?
[16:09:59] Caglen Brave! Duke: nice
[16:10:02] RJ (Cubone): yep
[16:10:20] RJ (Cubone): hows the turn down from Womble hugging going?
[16:10:45] Caglen Brave! Duke: turn down?
[16:11:19] Caglen Brave! Duke: ??
[16:11:35] RJ (Cubone): or shall i say disagreement if thats what you want to call it
[16:11:51] Caglen Brave! Duke: over what?
[16:12:19] Caglen Brave! Duke: sems like you're fishing
[16:12:31] Caglen Brave! Duke: you don't really know anything
[16:12:35] RJ (Cubone): lol no need to fish when i have the it in front of me
[16:12:42] Caglen Brave! Duke: haha
[16:12:46] Caglen Brave! Duke: you got nothing
[16:12:52] Caglen Brave! Duke: cause therem is nothing
[16:13:21] RJ (Cubone): like Shaackel asking for an Op to attack us nd your diplomacy list with Shock now added to ti?
[16:13:27] RJ (Cubone): ofc i have nothing ;)
[16:13:46] RJ (Cubone): ask yourself 1 question
[16:13:48] Caglen Brave! Duke: that's old
[16:14:02] RJ (Cubone): why whould Shock declare on Crash
[16:14:07] RJ (Cubone): ask yourself that
[16:14:11] Caglen Brave! Duke: you didn't we did
[16:14:19] RJ (Cubone): you beat us by 4 hours
[16:14:26] RJ (Cubone): ok let me refrase that question
[16:14:34] RJ (Cubone): why was Shock going to declare
[16:14:39] RJ (Cubone): go on ask yourself tht
[16:14:44] RJ (Cubone): nd see how much you know
[16:14:54] Caglen Brave! Duke: because it was inevitable anyway
[16:15:03] RJ (Cubone): wrong again
[16:15:53] RJ (Cubone): see that answer just confirmed that no one in my tribe is feeding you info nor would they want to join your pathetic tribe because if they did you would of known the answer to that question
[16:16:11] Caglen Brave! Duke: we know about SYN etc
[16:16:17] Caglen Brave! Duke: that's not an issue
[16:16:21] RJ (Cubone): everyone knows about syn
[16:16:39] RJ (Cubone): how they pln to Merge -XIII- it's ll over the forums
[16:16:43] RJ (Cubone): thats really old
[16:16:45] Caglen Brave! Duke: and attack us
[16:17:01] RJ (Cubone): i duno if they wnat to attack you i'm not in their tribe
[16:17:26] RJ (Cubone): brb need to pee
[16:17:27] Caglen Brave! Duke: so your surprise will happen in 4 hours then?
[16:17:52] RJ (Cubone): well obviously not because we cant declare unles syou offer peace and i declare in 4 hours?
[16:19:19] Caglen Brave! Duke: so your declaration is the only surprise?
[16:19:40] Caglen Brave! Duke: I expected your alliance to all attack together
[16:22:18] RJ (Cubone): caglen im not you when i say there is no alliance
[16:22:21] RJ (Cubone): there is no alliance
[16:22:22] RJ (Cubone): end of
[16:23:28] Caglen Brave! Duke: if you say so
[16:23:42] Caglen Brave! Duke: but probably not through a lack of trying
[16:24:13] RJ (Cubone): if you can provide a quote of me asking another tribe fight you pl0x do
[16:24:17] RJ (Cubone): but i bet you cnat
[16:24:48] Caglen Brave! Duke: tomorrow
[16:25:35] RJ (Cubone): ****** on 22.02. at 02:47
We are organising, a Giant Alliance between tribes from the east, west, north, and the south. To take on CRASH, although they seem very big and control most of the land. With our combined forces we can defeat them. We have many tribes in the alliance, and wonder if you would like to join us.

So my question is to you, Will you?

rustyjaguar on 22.02. at 02:54
no my tribe alreaady has a plan and it does not involve mass hugging and gangbanging of the top tribe so im affraid your on your own there but thanks anyway
[16:25:44] RJ (Cubone): the only mail we got about this alliance
[16:26:21] RJ (Cubone): so please do try to prove me wrong but i bet you cannot
[16:26:57] Caglen Brave! Duke: *********. at 23:36
Shock, -DI-, ElfW, and the eastern alliance
[16:27:16] RJ (Cubone): haha who is -DI- and who is elfW?
[16:27:27] Caglen Brave! Duke: we are already fighting DI
[16:27:33] Caglen Brave! Duke: K59/69
[16:27:33] RJ (Cubone): oh nice
[16:27:52] Caglen Brave! Duke: elfw must be ninjas cause i can't find them on the map
[16:27:56] RJ (Cubone): well i didn't even know those tribe exsisted and i have my suspicions where that came from ;)
[16:28:12] Caglen Brave! Duke: yet you get a mention
[16:28:18] Caglen Brave! Duke: with the eastern alliance
[16:28:25] Caglen Brave! Duke: ((chuckle))
[16:28:30] RJ (Cubone): if it came from Pinoy then i know why we were mentioned ;)
[16:28:46] Caglen Brave! Duke: wow you are really good
[16:28:55] Caglen Brave! Duke: ;)
[16:29:41] RJ (Cubone): but my suspicions re on Nutz
[16:29:49] Caglen Brave! Duke: so if you have a spy in my tribe tell me something that's in my forums
[16:29:55] Caglen Brave! Duke: that's new
[16:30:12] Caglen Brave! Duke: not ********?
[16:30:16] RJ (Cubone): i cant t this moment in time
[16:30:52] Caglen Brave! Duke: accepted?
[16:30:57] Caglen Brave! Duke: or turned down?
[16:31:52] Caglen Brave! Duke: hmm
[16:33:00] RJ (Cubone): so thta one i cannot help with
[16:33:15] Caglen Brave! Duke: well one of my coplayers has come online and kicked me out
[16:33:21] Caglen Brave! Duke: so time for me to go
[16:33:24] Caglen Brave! Duke: cya
[16:33:28] Caglen Brave! Duke: Good luck
[16:33:31] RJ (Cubone): enjoy the war ;)
[16:33:33] Caglen Brave! Duke: ((wave))
[16:33:35] RJ (Cubone): bye[/SPOIL]

Shackels attempt

shackel said:
Hey guys,

As many of you Know we are soon going to being our operation on SHOCK we are offensvely superior and we are stacking our frontlines. This mostly applies to ex-brave players but as we are now one tribe ill post here none the less

I have in my possession a list of villages that need to be stacked by our tribe not many but a fair amount of villages none the less. We have well around 100 Stacked at the moment

So i ask if you are not near the frontlines perhaps in K87 / K86 / K66 or others that you contact me and i will supply you with a list of targets to support. We are supporting villages with 1,2 or 3 defence villages per target.

Many have contributed their is a list of them but we need full tribal co-operation on this :)


will post more as the war goes on :)
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I thought it was a pretty good mail lol u think i should have used more colour? or perhaps 2 smiley faces?

Despite being somewhat slated in the post i actually enjoyed it a fair bit well done


it is not an attempt to slate you personally Shackel just putting what i know becuse i know that a few days ago only 2 - 3 people answered your call:

******** said:
I have doubt that Crash will work out, as for the op I have seen little response to it. Now I have found the forum and only 2 people are listed as participants. there is no info about anything though

****** said:
? Our current enemies are pirana, -DI- and T-U, -DI- and T-U are going to be taken easily. That leaves pirana

dont forget to add Shock to that :)


7/10- decent pnp, could have been either more detailed or more fun but hay... its a pnp, we dont get many here >.>

will be interesting to see how stats turn out... i have a feeling it wont be in shocks favour >.>


Nice PnP

I got a mention, whoo hoo.

And for Crash 1,2 or 3 def villages per target. Gonna love the ODA you guys might get me hitting those stacks :icon_twisted:

If sending 1 def village why bother. Stack or dont, dont do neither. I sent 20 Def villages to help out a player. He has 4 def villages per village from a lot of the tribe. I dont even see this as stacking, just helping out a player. One will take 20 nukes just to get wall to lvl 19.

First rule of defence, stack or dodge. Spreading out troops to be easily cleared is foolish, and please post more snippets. That way it will help when crash declare on us. I know only send 5 nukes per village not 15+ :icon_cool:


7/10- decent pnp, could have been either more detailed or more fun but hay... its a pnp, we dont get many here >.>

will be interesting to see how stats turn out... i have a feeling it wont be in shocks favour >.>

it does not look in our Favour s it will be skill Vs K dominances lol but i bet we get the first conquer ;)


This shall be... Interesting.
Good luck to Both side's. I know Caglen will need it. ;)


I think lordman stayed up past his bedtime talking philosophy with me :lol:


Do I get an assist for the first conquer of the war?? :icon_twisted: