Well...what the title says. What's your favorite creepypasta?

If you don't know what it is....

It's basically a short story that "creeps out" the reader/watcher. This can range from "Cupcakes", to "Watch this Subliminal Message!!".

Cupcakes is a Google.docx file about Pinkie Pie destroying Rainbow Dash (followed by the sequel "Rocket to Insanity")

Watch this Subliminal Message!! is a short-lived meme that, supposedly, whenever someone would post it, the poster would get a strange itch in the back of their head from 'The Message' (It was a series of images in a MetaCafe video that was posted by a random user. Little is known to this day.)

So, if you have ever seen, heard, or read a Creepypasta, don't be scared to let everyone know what you saw/heard/read, if you got creeped out by it, and if you enjoyed it.

So...without further ado...

Let's see what you got creeped out by!

I really never get creeped out myself, but probably the most creepy one I've seen would be ToonTown central plaza music reversed.

I enjoyed Cupcakes, because I'm pretty much addicted to blood.

The one that baffled me would be the Subliminal Message. It's amazing what the brain can do!
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