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Would like to have information (explained) about the 'Daily'.
What does it exactly shows concerning scavenging & looting income of RES.
When I use players info and I get the chart of the RES incomings updated chart of the tribe per member, then a player posted having a different amount shown.
Player posted in our tribe forum:
"The numbers posted are completely inaccurate to what I am seeing on my end for total resources income for myself as well."

Explain please.


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In a day ranking does not show how much a player for example has looted every day. In a day ranking shows a players best day on each category.

So for example In a day looted shows how much resources this account has looted the most in a day, not how much the account looted the current day.

The information how much an account has currently looted, or how much farming runs an account has sent is not publicly shown.

Hope this helps to understand the difference between whats shown on daily rankings and whats shown on daily player achievements section on the player profile.
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Bachus I

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Thank you.
One more question:
The players (members in a tribe) that buy resources with premium points on the market, those resources are they included in the looting or the scavenging or not at all?
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