Death declares on PTV!

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My skills were tested when your coward backstabbed i wonder how ODZ did against me, i dont remember losing any villages to those amazing players as you claimed they were. Funny you dont want to comment on that bit.
You tried taking me on, you didnt get anywhere. You tried talking shit about me, you got kicked from chats, kicked from council even your own tribe knew what an idiot you were. You lie, you backstab. You are nothing in my eyes short of a cancer in this game that has been killing it for some time

You talk so much shit about how good you are, no one can challenge you. You dont do anything but barb noble. What point is there in challenging that.

Ouch, did i hit a nerve or something?

I didn’t play when you and odz fought, only in the end war at which point Q and a few more voted 4-3 in favour of knock over ODZ. Everyone in the council accepted they had gone with the wrong pick after knock had fought hungarians for a month. Everyone.

ODZ might not have been the best tribe, they had maybe 5 of value and picking them over the entire knock would have been better. Thats fact, not speculations.

I left the council, it was that or Qnforgot his name would apply for ptv. Seeing as that wasnt my intentions.. you know where that left me.


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You realize he is not here anymore? I understand it was a dick move, but you haven't moved on still?


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Lets say (even though i might hurt my team) but 75% of our front is "not there" anymore. :(
Only the few warriors left there who deserve more respect than what they've got so far...


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When one of the top accounts of your tribe still hasnt reached more than 1mil odd it proves what i was saying some months ago. Backliners with big mouth only talk but they can't actually play the game when it's burning.

Respect to Johan-streetgutt. And maybe Folcan. The rest is getting exactly what they deserve.