Departing W47


After having a think and a chat with some people. I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer appropriate for me to moderate the W47 forum as I have become too involved with your politics and world.

There is a growing movement that thinks I am biased in my actions against players on W47 so we have decided that I will step down as a moderator for your forums. I wish you all the best of luck in game and I hope you have fun on the externals again and you get a shiny 'new' moderator. :)

Have a nice time and I'll miss you guys.

Mike. (Charmander)
EX W47 moderator.


No one thinks that. We hate you for leaving. :| die.

xD no but seriously, uhh no one (worth mentioning) is mad at you or thinks you're biased. xD xD xD

Anywayyyys, if you won't stay, good luck in what you do. You were a fair mod.


For what it's worth.. I've found you to be the best/fairest mod I've seen. Your leaving is just another sad step in this world.

Best of luck on your future endeavors.


A growing movement? The world is getting smaller.. and i didn't think anyone had a problem with you. Quite the opposite, you would join in discussions which mods rarely do. Its great having a mod that will post and join in rather than just threaten us everytime we post something borderline. All the best to you mate, you did a great job while you were here.

And since your leaving us here, why not join w47 and join us ingame? :p