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Barricade Battle

Dear players,

on February 13 the "Barricade Battle" will return. It will run until February 27.

In this event you will be tasked to take back the city from the Baron of Bollwerk, who staged a coup and is now plundering the treasury. This treachery can not go unpunished!

Hunt the Baron of Bollwerk

At the start of the event you will be presented with the city map, showing the barricades the Baron and his lackeys created. For this event you will be able to command a special set of troops, which are shown above the map.

When selecting a barricade you will see the defenders and can choose which troops to send into battle.
The outcome of a battle will depend on the strengths and weaknesses of the troops to send. If you want to know more about them click on the unit portrait or hover over them to get a quick overview. If you loose a battle your troops will be wounded and will be unavailable until the Medic arrives to heal them. As they do not have a Medic available, enemy troops that you defeat will be removed. Allowing to clear barricades with several attack waves.


Once you have conquered a barricade you will receive some ducats, which you can exchange in the event shop items. At some specific barricades you will also be able to get a special item, if victorious. The rewards you will receive are displayed at the bottom of the battle screen. After you defeated the troops once the barricades can be repeated for additional ducats, but will become harder with every repetition.

To continue you will require more units. You will be rewarded with more troops for playing the game. Every day you have ten chances to find additional random units by doing certain ingame actions like attacking, defending, recruiting or constructing buildings. Every time you get units this way, you will receive a report telling you which units you got.

You can also gain additional ducats from the rankings each day, or a big bonus at the end of the event. But note that the ducats for your overall ranking will be rewarded at the end of the event and you will need to spend them before the event shop closes 24 hours after the event. The event history will give you an overview on how many ducats you earned each day.

Additionally we made several smaller improvements to the event, thanks to you feedback:

Additionally we made several smaller improvements to the event, thanks to you feedback:
- Several stages have been made slightly easier to complete
- When retrying an already completed stage the unit limit for this stage will increase by 20% for each consecutive completion
- We improved the icons and path graphics to improve the readability of the map and event progress

Rally your troops and retake the city!

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team​
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Come on, you are really overdoing this right now. How often shall we have events? Its barely 1 week since the last one stopped.


Anyway of turning off the reports? Very annoying especially if checking in on mobile


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I want events every week :)

Bring back anvil of the mercenary king pls <3

edit: In all honesty though, for the pp spenders under us this event is one of the worst despite being a 2 week long event. all the valuable ducat battles that reward you with like 1.7k - 5k ducats become very quickly unbeatable when you wanna redo them more than 2 times. for spending lots of pp you barely get anything out of it. It's like trying to break a 20k pop DV with a half nuke, you gotta smash your head against that wall like 10 times before you finally win. And how many free attempts you get per day? 3.
And using the medic also quickly becomes super expensive.

For the people not spending any pp and just doing the event daylie and finishing it: you get like a 15% res package, a big warchest(1 goldcoin per village) and 1 growing crops after defeating the baron. With all the additional ducats you got from doing the event 2 weeks you can maybe buy like 2x30% res packs and a flagbooster.

generally speaking I dont really like that event because the reward curve for the 2 week time investment is pretty low, other events are alot more rewarding than this one. If this event was a 4 day event like most other events then the reward curve would be nice. But not sure how you could make it a 4 day event in its current stage...
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Wow it must be time for a shareholder meeting and revenue numbers are down... we just finished the most abuse-able event and now a few days later a whole new event?


It would be soooooo nice if an explanation of how the + and - signs or even nothing when hovered over the enemy troops worked ....instead of trying to guess


For the people not spending any pp and just doing the event daylie and finishing it: you get like a 15% res package, a big warchest(1 goldcoin per village) and 1 growing crops after defeating the baron. With all the additional ducats you got from doing the event 2 weeks you can maybe buy like 2x30% res packs and a flagbooster.

In comparison, I spent 9650pp on the event and got 104k ducats. The shop was selling 30% res packs for 9k and flagbooster for 6k.
So like 10x30% res packs and 2 flagboosters. (which if you blow it all at once gets around 30 extra nobles)


I finished all the quests too which probably afforded a couple res packs, but I didn't keep track of those.


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also worth noting that the dropoff from the event is extremely massive, everytime you reclear a stage you get to use 20% more troops but the enemy forces increase by 50%, so most stages are not even worth clearing more than 2 times

I spent about 3000pp on it on w108, cleared 97 stages in the end made about 90k ducats, but i also got lucky once and got 5k ducats when i bought some units. Bought units 2-3x each day for the first 10 days. Healed troops like 8x during the event.
In comparison, you spent 9500pp~ cleared 107 stages for about 15k more ducats (roughly)

I think that's just too much lol, would be much more balanced if let's say each time you reclear you get to use 20% more troops and enemy forces only increase by 35%


It's certainly not appealing to sink a huge amount of pp into this. But these events need some kind of limit to keep at least some degree of fairness between huge pp-spenders and regular players.

A few items like res packs and war chests are extremely powerful. Unlike other items which give temporary non-stackable buffs, these give instant unlimited rewards.

If you buy say 100 attack boosters, you can get maybe a 20% attack buff for a really long time, which is pretty good. But 100 warchests gives you almost 100 more nobles which is totally busted considering you can normally only get a couple nobles a day at most.

100 x 10% res packs gives you even more nobles if you max warehouses, use the coin flag, flag booster etc. And these can be used for so much more than nobles. Instantly build church, instantly repair wall, instantly max-out recruiter buildings and fill up troop queues, etc etc.

The shop balancing is way off. 10% res pack should be well above the cost of the war chest. Probably the most expensive item. 30% should be nixed; I don't know why it's even in there when you can buy 3 of the 10% ones for the same price-per-unit. War chest should be a tier above growing crops. Permanently getting another village to attack with is better than permanently making attacks from one village 10% stronger.

I think there's a way to remove the soft-cap on spending without completely breaking the balance. Suppose we're ok with big spenders getting a 30% advantage over regular players.

1) Limit how many warchests can be used within a certain timeframe. Let's say a player is farming/scavenging, and still building their villages and recruiting troops. They can raise their noble limit maybe once a day. So 1.3 x 24 hours would be a cooldown of 31 hours or so before they can use another chest. Adjust for world speed and other factors as needed.

2) Limit how many buyable res packs can be used within a certain timeframe. Same idea as the warchest. Figure out how many resources a competitive player can normally get, and put a cooldown on the packs so they're not giving more than a 30% boost to the player's income. Their income, not their storage capacity lol.


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just throwing it out there
but wouldnt it be easier to remove pp from the events??

that way everyone has the same chances, same amount of turn, etc...

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Since Barricade Battle will likely be returning in future, I've suggested a new potential change to event.

Please decrease the Unit Strength of Enemy Clears from 50% -> 30% after each clear.

This doesn't seem like a huge change, but will make an extremely big difference and also make clearing barricades 3 or more times actually tolerable and feel rewarding.


Steve/Report/The Guide

This will make spending pp more rewarding, this will make the f2p grind more empowering and this will bring in more $ and make customers happier.... I believe at least :/


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Please allow barricades that have been cleared before accepting the quest to contribute to the next or current quest. It really sucks to know that I will be missing out all because for some weird reason, quest completions show up in every window EXCEPT for whichever tab I'm currently in.

Other than that minor complaint, this is the best event I've ever seen on Tribal Wars. I like the way we play it, I like the way the barricade stages give coins and items, and I like the way we can shop to ensure that we can get what we wanted if we try hard enough.