Discussion: Overuse of Borderline Swear Words



If I was to say "Hey Hyper, you're a <censored>!!!" would that be infractable?

By not 'starring' out the word you can't just count the letters, so it could mean literally anything. The missing word is totally to the readers discretion. Those who use colourful language will insert an offensive term, those who don't won't.

I suppose again this would come down to the moderators judgment.

Disclaimer: I'm not really looking for ways to push the boundaries, just curious should the situation arise.
I probably wouldn't infract for that, but it depends on the context. If the context gives it away as a swear I'd probably warn for it.
Likewise, with pictures/screenshots that contain swears, I'm usually ok with blacking them out but if the context makes it obvious then the context should be removed as well.


Fair point Wolf, and I agree. In an earlier comment on this thread I said that in my opinion the context can totally change the weight of the word(s).

Ya well your a stupid <censored>!!!
Leave it out or I'l punch you right in the <censored>!

And for the record, regardless of how a person uses their language, im sure almost anyone would put a curse word in that blank.
Why? I was going for "boy". Nothing offensive there. Although I did use the wrong gender :/

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Are you calling me a transexual? Im offended! Wolfy, ARK, get to the infractionating if you will...


Ahh the fun!

And agreed entirely the context in which you post, and the demeanor in which you post, can generally change the overall picture in your post, which could at the very least catch you a warning, or at the worst an infraction. If your someone who likes to push boundaries, I'm likely to go with the latter!

<stares at Noffish>


My cover is blown! ABORT! ABORT!!

/Noffish disappears into the shadows...