Disscusion: Elitist pigs VS Mass recruting noobs


Ever hear the phrase "mass recruiting noobs" or "elitist pigs"?

Ofcourse you have.If youve played this game for any length of time then you have probably heard about or even participated in the longest running debate in TW history.One still as heated and controversal as the day it started.

Chances are you have read countless articles,been the target of numerous posts and skimmed through various arguments some verbose and lengthy others incoherent and abrupt all claiming to extol the virtues of whatever side of the disscusion they happen to be on but in reality dedicating paragraph after paragraph,line after line to "picking holes" in the propositions of those they are at odds with ultimately failing to make a single valid point that sways the reader either way.

In my opinion this is a topic that needs to be argued out(till a logical conclusion is reached) and then laid in the ground with as little ceremony as possible.Lets face it its funeral is long overdue.It has stood the test of time for all the wrong reasons outlasting every other topic of discourse in the game.

It is the go to topic for seemingly experienced players wanting to prove their worth to the TW community and has not only been responible for some intresting (and slightly colurful) posts but in the intervening years has succeded
in accquiring a life of its own seemingly ressurecting at will;an ever waking corpse able
to keep death at bay regardless of how many bullets we succede in putting in it.

In the past week it has reared its ugly head again(albeit under a different guise) and i dont know about the rest of the TW community but i tire of these "second comings".That is why i thought to start a post within which the topic can debated extensively the opinions of TW indigenes can be aired publicly and a lasting conclusion reached (hopefully). Here goes nothing...

Elitist pigs:

Usually the Forte of the TW nobility(or amateurs wanting to look experienced) not to mention the gusto of the TW community this is either a tribe with a self imposed member limit lower than that specified by the game or a tribe populated by players belived (at least by themselves) to be the best of the best;players who have proven themselves on prior worlds and whose actions not words speak for them.

Considred by many to be the preffered format for any self respecting tribe it is one that has its advantages but is fraught with complications as well.On one hand elite tribes are very easy to manage.They are made up of very few players and as such devoid of the hustle bustle and clutter that permeates much bigger tribes.

They are usually made up of active players who communicate efficiently,execute the plans of the tribe effectively,are known to be involved in intensive player screening before addmitance and to put the icing on an almost flawless cake do not tolorate inactivity.A big advantage in this format is the spirit of Camaraderie it fosters among its members.Members of the tribe know who the other members are and in general are more willing to fellow tribe mates.

Usually they have the minimum amount of naps and very few alliances andbecause they realize thats its just them against the world they are quick to offer assistance to members who are in need.The downside to all this is that quite simply put there arent enough of them and unless they are super active and able to stay ahead of the world OR have alliances that they can lean on for support they will usually end up attracting a lot of attention to them selves, becoming the focus of more than a few schmes and the victims of "gangbangs".

For example OUZO a tribe on world 41 accused of mass recruting had a 'cat party" and effectively destroyed a rival elite tribe not to mention a potential headache for the whole K inside of 3 hours with just cats and no troops.To say the world was shocked at the turn of events was an understatement.

Also elite tribes have a way of boxing themselves in;isolating themselves from the rest of the world if you will.Their policies on diplomacy usually does em in at the end. They have a bad habbit of falling apart when a prominent member of the aristocracy quits.This is because the tribe is usually built around one or two membersand the minute they quit the tribe falls apart.Darkx founder of VIEW (W 41) can attest to this.He quit the tribe because
of real life problems and under members of the tribe scattered to the winds.

Mass recruiting noobs:

So called because they either recruit indiscrimately or recruit as many members as the world allows.

What can i say about them that hasnt been said already.Considered to be the den of amateurs,constantly flamed on the forums most self respecting TW players steer clear of them;many prefering to quit worlds all together than to be numbered in their ranks.

And with good reason.Most MRN's have absoultely no scrupples when it comes to recruting members.Their doors are pretty much open to every one be they amateurs or vetrans, a policy that sees a lot of chaff brought in with the wheat inadvertedly lowering the quality of the tribe.

And As if all this wasnt bad enough MRN's are usually amonsgt the most disorganized tribes in the game.For starters their forums are infested with spam,their aristocracy inefficient and weighed down by countless (not to mention pointless) messages/obligations,their members pretty much left to their own devices causing friction and (ultimately factions) to arise within the tribe and ofcourse theirs the small issue of a complete lack of cohesion and
cordination brought on by ineffective leadership all of which leads to the eventual demise
of the tribe.

Rememebr SPAM (w 41). But mass recruting tribes arent all bad. Infact if you ask me as far a tribes go they show the most promise.They have a huge pool of members from which to draw from as well as a habbit of dominating an area.Even at their most disorganized they represent -at the very least a constant source of irritation for other players in their K mostly cuz (lets face it) regardless of how inexperienced a player is a spear is still a spear.

Think of MRN's as an army of ants.for the most part harmless but when left to run amok in huge numbers can do
great damage.

So whats the problem exactly?

Well for the most part a lot of TW players have a deep seated belif that elite tribes are superior and (9 out of 10 times) more succesful.The question is is this true? and if it is does this mean that tribes that place emphasis on quantity are destined to fail?

Personally i dont belive it is.The way i see it the quality of content will always determine the character of a tribe which in turn determines performance.

To be sure loads of players are found in MRN's but quality not quantity is usually the determinant of success.In reality most TW players have been seduced by the romantic nature of elitisim and its inherent features that they consider any tribe that dosent stay true to this "concept" a faliure before it even gets off the ground.

In my opinion Tw players need to disabuse their minds of the notion that smaller is better.Just because a tribe is
considered to be elite in nature does not mean it will succede.The success or faliure of a tribe boils down to the quality of its members.As long as you have quality quantity is both ideal and irrelevant..

Granted there is a higher chance of having noobs in a tribe that mass recruits but it has been my experience that the problem with MRN's isint size but leadership and that where their are noobs their is potential.The greatest players in this game started out as noobs.Even noobs can be transformed into battle hardned vetrans.We were all noobs once.At least i was.

Sumarilly we all know that a screening process is preffered to mass recruting.Never the less we shouldnt attack tribes just because they hapen to have 150 members.Instead look at the performance of these members before you pass judgement.

Please contribute.


Elitist pigs tribes fail usually after people reach to approximately 10 villages. When farming isnt most important anymore. When all "easy" villages rans out. Also they declare wars right and left, people getting tired of this constant pressure and they start to be more inactive at some point.

MRN never fail, cause there are always fresh supply of players to recruit. MRN usually dont win also, cause tribe moral and experience are low.

Truth is somewhere in the middle, like always... :)


i think best is a fairly small member count, and epic comraderie and teamwork :)
and not being called TORE ;)