End of competitive play?


Hey guys, I posted this in General section, but now need to wait for post to be approved. So if you could just read this, and let me know whether it's already been implemented on w51, as I'm really interested if Croatian server will be the first one to have this, or if it's already been implemented on .net servers

'I don't know how many of you tried out Grepolis, another InnoGames game. The game really looked promising and I was really eager to keep playing it and take a break from TW. But there was one option in there that completely killed any sort of competitive play in that game - the ability to halve the build time by using premium points. What happened is that the players with a lot of money were able to build their towns up very fast, get to nobling state ahead of most players who were reluctant to spend their money in such a fashion and create a large gap that later just grew even more. Once a player, just to make a point, reduced the build time of a building from 26h to 5 minutes.

I had cases of attacking a player, taking out his walls, and him just buying his walls back to full lvl in couple of hours.

So I said screw that, I'm going back to TW, where if I'm not doing that good, it's because others are just better than me, and I need to improve my game.

But today a new world opened up on Croatian servers, and in that worlds description there's this little line:

+ additional premium feature: in the list of construction it is now possible to halve the build time of the building with 10 premium points

Now, I would really, really like if someone could tell me this won't be happening, and it's just some kind of mistake, or whatever. Because if this happens, I'm sure many will leave this game. But I somewhat fear it really doesn't matter much, because if InnoGames have decided to implement this in TW, it means they made a bunch of money on it in Grepolis.'


lol, funny you bring this up... lemme go find the thread...



last few posts point out this exact thing.

Mods post about how offering premium in a tribal competition is illegal, because it gives players with more money an unfair advantage... yet TW is opening servers that cater to that...
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I blame it all on Facebook, Zynga with their Farmville, and micro transactions. And the unintelligent masses who gladly bend over for anything someone tries to sell them. That's why the gaming industry is where it is now, and why it will never be the same again. Back in the days you knew if you bought a game for let's say 50$, you knew that's it, you've gotten a full game, not bugs, not patching needed, all the planned content was already there. But now it's just how to sell you stuff you really don't need or want.

If this gets implemented in TW, I hope it burns and crashes. In Grepolis you basically knew the first 5 players in the world were extensively cutting their build times with real life money. Really makes for an interesting world.


Now that would be stupid if they did that.

And if I attacked players who started using that (which I wouldn't be surprised if they did) I would quit.

I would hate to quit TW as I have poured a lot of time and money into the game and Im kind of addicted, but I would quit.


if this does happen i wouod also quit, just no point playing. for me other than the PnP, the start of a world is the most fun, and where i'm most skilled. if i spend time catting down some noob, (which i do, and really enjoy) and they just buy points and rebuild this takes alot away from me. :-(

either way other than the small problem i just mentioned this would be aload of crap, and the quality of the TW community would really suffer. have you guys seen the newer generation of TW players? they're complete muppets and for some reason they like to flame people for every little thing. world 49 is the worst i've ever seen.


Yeah, maybe you can just buy instead of conquer villages with prep points too, and you get to inherit the troops. It'll probably be more RL relevant that way also.


theres only one word ot describe this idea ----- RETARDED where is the skill or tactics if you can just build whatever in no time.... theres no skill in that jus rich peeps who take advantage so they cansay hey look im better.... i would quit tribal as well if this ever happened


My biggest problem is the amount of co-playing going on, it in my opinion is killing the game, what chance does a player like me have against an account that is played 24/7?

Cyndy Rigby

Believe me you can still play against a co-played account. There is no way any of us are on here 24/7. Yes it makes it hard and a challenge and it's what makes it fun.
Besides all they (Innogames) are trying to do is keep up with the rest of their competition. Though I am sure that there are better ways of doing it they haven't thought of yet. Like maybe a feature called night watch that ups the anti when you aren't on-line or something like that.
I want the challenge, to think and not the easy way otherwise what's the meaning of playing the game.