End of Round 2

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So now that two Rocks worlds ended, lets have a look at our victors


Formed from a small group of nostalgic players who pulled in some other nostalgic old farts, SAM started out small in numbers compared to other tribes boosting only 20 members by the end of the round (coming from about 35) while the tribes ranked second and third were sporting over 200 members. Tight, lightning fast communication as well as support and coordinated attacks proved to be a successful strategy adopted by all members. Targetted eliminations and conquers of enemies ensured that all remaining members got a well deserved spot on the front page of the rankings.

By the end of the round, any village over 2000 points was owned by SAM.


Founded and lead by Aveyron after being dissapointed with another tribe, he was followed quickly by Nightdreams, Radowolf and RetroMicro (MY BRO!). Time lasted through the round with an approximate of 40 members. Using a mix of non-stop communication on an individual and tribe-wide level (dozens of circular mails in a day.. really man), crazy fast stacking and selfless donation of troops for all purposes, Time quickly made a mark on the world and never really lost its pace. Playing increasingly aggressive Time managed to forcefully beat down other contestants as W-E and Nice (Shoutout to Cammie and Le Timide for their heavy resistance, it was nice), ultimately owning over 50% of the worlds villages and creating an insurmountable gap in points between them and the rest of the world.

By the end of the world, the top 23 was dominated by Time. They amounted to over 75% of all the player points in the world.
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Will there be a round 3 ? , what do you mean sort of won by TIME , they seem dominating to me


I'm having a laugh. Anyone looking at these rankings can tell that Time ruled absolute without contest.