End of World 73


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We'll folks it's been a blast (or a snore fest depending on what you've been doing lately). Nice playing with or fighting with everyone.

A lot of HYENAS players hit the delete button today. There are also players who would like to see this world through until the end including me albeit mostly inactive.

Congrats to -ND- players. See you all in other worlds.

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Thanks for putting up a good fight for as long as you did. I have to say that a lot of you have held up really well under the pressure. A lot of people wrote off HYENAS from the beginning and I am sure that not many thought you would be here now. However, the core players of your tribe seem to have made it from the beginning, which no other tribe has managed to do. Major kudos to you guys for the sheer willpower it must have taken to outlast every other world contender and giving ND the fight that they wanted from all the other tribes they beat. Congrats!

- Sam

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Congratulations -ND- for doing a fantastic job of winning the world deservedly. HYENAS resilience was amazing and put up an awesome fight.
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Much credit to HYENAS. I was in IKEA and was completely shocked at how not bad? they were. Surprised myself, and many others.


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Early to mid world were great and a lot of fun. Hyenas put up a good amount of fight for a while but then just turtled by nobling barbs and building a ton of D. The world became boring a long time ago as a result and I think everyone is just ready for it to be over.

Congrats to all of ND! It has been great being in this tribe and it will be difficult to be in other tribes in future worlds after playing so long with the ND mindset.

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Congrats guys, did a fab job from start to finish. It's a shame that some of the players couldn't make it to the very end or had RL to deal with instead :(


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W73 fizzled out in the end but nothing can be said against ND being the best team on this world and deserved the win.

From one old member of a certain lovable Swedish Superstore