End World - Challenging times


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I think its safe to say now that Endworld will start, with a united front of Death tribe (38 members 78, million points) and 4U tribe(34 members 33 million points) including its allies, Death Approaches, Resonance Hogans And Harleys Heroes Anger( 67 players for 40 million points) I can't help the to admire the skill and tactics of Death leadership.

If we crunch the numbers it will - Equivalent to 139 players( maybe not all of them are active) vs 28 players ( from our tribe)( not all of them are active to)

151 million points tribe vs a 50 million point tribe- I think its safe to say that this world will not last long with all those numbers.

Its a 3 vs 1 situation where our tribe Hype will be outgunned, outdefended, and the enemy got more players with skilled leadership and a cohesive group, 4U and Death.

I have seen the attacks of Death and Its allies which is overwhelming( Noble nukes, Trains timed, Nukes all those Red rams attack), Hundreds of Nukes landing with Trains on different areas on different players, I have seen 4U wall of defense where they can defend in any attacks, and coordinate on a multi front warfare. I have seen hundreds of snipes, every tactic of every players and group of players. I have seen Death Nukes Crushing wall of stacks and trying to break them. I have seen courage fought with all of those nukes 0 villages were lost. I have seen accounts that are on brink of collapse , fought hard and recovered. Its all what is tribal wars is all about.

This situation points to a world win by Death, 4U, Echo, HHH, Anger.

With world 109 looming on the horizon, You know what will happen.

Cheers and More Power Guys and Congratulations, Btw this is just my opinion, not the tribes.
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