Evolution of EN78


As it is always nice to see how a world grew and changed, I've been saving Alex02dsa's self-updating maps and made a GIF out of them for the 4 most prominent map types. Credit for all the individual maps goes to Alex.

Enjoy the growth of this world.





These maps will be updated when I collected enough extra images to make a clear difference this will probably be in another month.
I will not be using maps other than what Alex offers.
Start date is 2016-08-19.

Images not showing? Check this thread first or let us know.
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Your maps are incredible Marcus, I love them. Keep up the fantastic work if you are doing this on a monthly basis because all would love to see where the growth is being done.

Could you show me how to do these via PM because I'd love to do these on another world just for my account. Thanks again for the beautiful maps.

Tell Rep I said Hi for me :)


The gifs have been updated. The publicly broadcasted ones are now only 5 frames per second, the first and last frames show for a longer amount of time.

Want to see a slower or faster version, go here and find the one you are looking for.

The slow one has 2 frames per second.
The fast version has 10 frames per second.


I always love to see these, especially if they are from beginning of world until the current


Ah, the days before Fusion and North divorced. To Rhythm's credit they've done a terrific job of holding their half of the world together in a fairly united fashion, which is something the North (no pun intended whatsoever) have repeatedly failed to do. I say that without assigning blame to anyone but I'm sure someone will take it personally.