[Evolve] Declaration Of War: The Gunz Elite


As Duke of Evolution [Evolve], I hereby officially and formally declare war on the tribe The Gunz Elite.

First, I am going to answer some basic questions for the interested readers.

Who are you and what about your tribe?

You can call me Aemilia, I'm a 22-year old player from Belgium. I used to play back in late 2007, early 2008 on both the .net and .nl TW's, on the earlier worlds. I left shortly after Paladin weapons got introduced around world 10-11, and have only since a week or two returned. I started playing on K31 on this world, and at the moment I am in my own one-man tribe for the time being, while I am in the process of looking for a good and skilled tribe to join. I have around 650 points at the time of writing.

Who are The Gunz Elite?

The Gunz Elite is a family tribe located in the Rim, scattered around through various continents , including a cluster of roughly eight of them near me in K31.

So why are you declaring war, and why should we care?

A T-G-E member of about 1.600+ points attacked my village of 650 points, and looted my resources. A second attack was then incoming, at catapult speed. As far as I am concerned, that is reason enough for a war to me. Additionally, there are only 8 of T-G-E in my immediate area, with the strongest village nearing 3.000 points, which makes them an easy target for future raids and farms.
So now, why should you care? Well, to be honest, this forum is as dead as it can be, seems PnP has largely died on W39. So, I thought I would contribute and do my part, by giving everyone a small insight on how I intend to wage war, and defeat the K31 cluster of the T-G-E family tribe.

Hopefully this will make this forum a bit more active, and encourage people that are not in the Top-10 tribe ranking, to contribute to the community as well by reporting about smaller case conflicts and wars. Top-10 tribe wars make up about 1% of the total wars in a world, it are usually the smaller and more isolated conflicts that most people tend to experience, whilst Top-10 tribe wars are reserved for the more experienced and committed players and only happen infrequently.

N00b, you are going to get rimmed!

That isn't exactly a question, but I am going to respond on it anyway. I have a village of 650 points. The enemy in my 15x15 (five in total) are all bigger in size and have all been playing this world longer than me. Chances are real I might get nuked and rimmed, and this whole war can be over in a couple of days. I full realise that the odds are stacked against me, and I love it. I do have some experience though, and I have nothing to lose, only fun, experience and insight to be gained, so really, why shouldn't I engage in a full out war against an opponent that outnumbers and outguns me? If I have to go out, better do it with a bang!
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You have balls, I will give you that.
651 points against a tribe of 150k+ points...

If you win this, you will have had by far the most successful war yet :)


The situation is escalating rapidly, with the Duke of The Gunz Elite, red125, admitting that he is account sitting SH0CK3R, the account which initiated the attacks which lead to the declaration of war. The reason red125 attacked me while account sitting SH0CK3R, is because, and I quote; "i need a bit of fun ;) =D". So this Duke, of The Gunz Elite, abuses the trust and good faith of his members by ruining their accounts while account sitting for them, while keeping his own account and villages out of harms way. But then again, it is a family tribe, so you can kind of expect this kind of behaviour even from their leaders.

Red125 has now send an attack, at Heavy Cavalry speed, from his main village in K22 to my village in K31, taking approximately 54 hours to arrive. Attacking with Heavy Cavalry, heh, I guess that deserves a facepalm.


If he is launching attacks from 2 accounts at once, he is breaking the rules...


Some early battle stats for the interested:

First attack by SH0CK3R:
(troops lost/total troops)

T-G-E (Attacker)
Scouts: 9/9
LC: 0/123

Evolve (Defender)
Scouts: 97/97
LC: 1/1

I noticed the attack in time, although I mistakenly though it would only be scouts, so I decided to block his scouting attack by keeping all my scouts in my village in order to try and kill as many as possible of his. It was a decision that cost me roughly 100 scouts, which as this stage is quite costly for me, not only in resources, but also in lost building time. On the bright side, I got some valuable information from this attack, being that he probably doesn't have axes, just LC, that he most likely doesn't have/use much scouts, and I now know I have more LC than him, even though he has almost three times my points. A second attack was send shortly after, but now at Ram/Catapult speed, which gives me some time to act. Seeing as I'm not the kind of guy that sits around and waits to get slaughtered, I immediately planned a counter attack.

I send one simple scout to his village, to try and confirm my initial thought that he had send all his scouts, and now his village was empty bar the LC he had send earlier. I also wanted to see what kind of defences he has, if any. Scout arrives, lo and behold, the only troops he has in his village are the 123 LC he send earlier, no scouts, no defences. That was all I needed to know, so I send my counter attack, all the Axes and LC I got, with my attack arriving a minute or two before his attack would hit my village.

First counter attack by me:

(troops lost/total troops)

Evolve (Attacker)
Axes: 21/???
LC: 12/???

T-G-E (Defender)
LC: 129/129

First counter attack is successful, only 21 axes and 12 LC lost, while looting almost 25k of resources and killing his entire LC force of 129.
A minute or so later, his Ram speed attack hits. He loses 2 spearmen (yes, he attacked me with Spearmen, Swordmen and Catapults, true story!), I lose 2k resources and my barracks get knocked back from lvl 5 to 1. No casualties on my side.

My second counter attack is on it's way, arriving in half an hour, and is able to wipe out his entire defence force at once. If/when that succeeds, I guess I'll have a new 1.600+ point farm at my disposal.

Edit (23.19 server time): My second counter attack hit, SH0CK3R's village is now completely cleared of troops, moderate casualties on my side, and the rest of my men are marching home with the spoils of war.

The immediate threat has been eliminated, SH0CK3R will not be attacking again in the first few days, and regular raids should prevent him from building up forces again.
One down, seven more to go.
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lol I love the way you keep exposing him just in case someone else wants to join in and teach him how to attack.

It is a pleasure to see that there are players out there that still have that fighting spirit. I must admit that I too am going at it with a member

just like you who I give full props to for his spirit and plesant conversations during the entire experience. You seem to be a smart player I bid you

good luck.


Lol. This kind of thread doesn't get written very often, especially not by a 650 point player in a world consisting of many million point players.

Very nice work, and good luck, I think you might need it. :icon_wink:


Who cares if they declared war and aren't even big enough to have nobles yet. This is one of the best written PnP's I've seen from W39 :icon_wink:

nice job

Moaring Cricket

I sent near to a full defensive nuke your way, if you don't want them and prefer the challenge of taking on a tribe feel free to send them back. They arrive in about 2 days I believe. I also sent a good amount of resources. (May want to up your warehouse, :icon_wink:)

I figure you deserve a reward for making such an intelligent and interesting thread. I rarely post on these forums but I do read them. And I thank you.


uhh is this a joke?
By all means, this is not a joke.

To everyone, thank you for your support. Thank you to everyone who send troops to my village, thank you to everyone who send resources, and thank you to everyone who replied here and in game with offers of assistance. It is greatly appreciated, and I feel humbled by the help of so many high ranking players and tribes. I am glad to see people like my effort to liven up this forum again.

I will be updating this thread with new information once it comes available, for your reading entertainment.

.Skull Reaper.

Support + resources en route.

I survived in w19 (first world) in much the same way of taking on a nearby tribe by myeslf. Good luck :)


As promised, more juicy details from the Evolve - T-G-E war. Today I decided to entertain everyone with the kind and friendly correspondence between yours truly, and one of the Diplomats of T-G-E, named 2XTerminator, who also happens to be in my 15x15.

The conversation reads, from top downwards, and started right after the first attack on my village.

Aemilia on 13.11. at 19:15
"I would like to inform you that a member of the K31 cluster of your tribe, SH0CK3R, has conducted a raiding attack on my village, without any prior notice nor as a response to any aggression from my part.

Since combat in this game is non-consensual, and people may be attacking for no reason at all at any time after Beginner Protection has ended, I believe this attack to be a simple case of a bigger player preying on a weaker one for the purpose of gaining easy additional resources.

However, while I, as a player, understand these simple game mechanics and practice them myself, as the Duke of my tribe, I cannot tolerate such aggression towards my village. Therefore, I urge you politely, once and only once, to cease and desist any and all aggression towards any villages of the tribe Evolve.

Any further attacks or even scoutings, will be considered as an act of war, and I will consider all T-G-E members in the K31 cluster fair game for counter attacks. In case of further raids on my village(s) by T-G-E members, any diplomatic contacts will be immediately broken off, and a state of war will exist between our two tribes.

This is your first, and final warning."

Less than half an hour later, SH0CK3R (the account controlled by red125, the T-G-E Duke), had initiated the second attack on my village. Since I'm a man of my word, and I promised I would go to war with T-G-E if they send any more scouts or attacks, I decided to formally inform their diplomat in private, and the whole tribe in public by announcing the war declaration on this forum.
The following is the private part of the war declaration announcement:

Aemilia on 13.11. at 19:15
"Seeing as he is sending a full scale assault now, with rams and/or catapults, with the clear intent of wiping me out, I want to inform you I have set T-G-E to be enemies of Evolve. I consider our two tribes at war now.

Enjoy it while it lasts ;)."

I only got a reply this morning, after this thread was made and SH0CK3R's village wiped out. It goes like this:

2XTerminator today at 04:29
Hi Aemilia,

Firstly don´t threaten me with a final warning, or I will attack you as well. I am a hardened player from other worlds. I don't take kindly to threats. You seem to mock me with this threat of war between our tribes, your tribe consists of ...only you! Now what else do you propose other than threats?

Let me know.


Judging by her response, I doubt she had read up on the situation on the forum or contacted the T-G-E leadership regarding what exactly was going on. Therefore, I decided to, politely as always, enlighten her on what had transpired in the last couple of hours.

Aemilia today at 10:11
Let me paint the picture for you:

The Duke of your tribe, red125, has been account sitting SH0CK3R. Red125 was a bit bored, so he decided to use SH0CK3R's account and village to have a little fun, and that fun consisted of attacking me. Red125's plan did backfire though, all of SH0CK3R's troop got wiped out, with most of my forces still intact. This means SH0CK3R is now my personal farm, and all thanks to red125 who sacrificed the account of one of his members in order to "have some fun".

But the story does not end there, though. Red125 was so smart to send an attack of his own village to mine, only an hour after he send one from SH0CK3R. This means he send a coordinated attack from two accounts he has access to, which is a clear breach of TW rules. As such I have send a support ticket to the admins, which might get both red125 and SH0CK3R banned in the next couple of days, depending on the speed which the admins check and enforce support tickets.

And still the story has not come to an end. I took the liberty of bringing this story to the W39 forum, in the form of an official declaration of war from my tribe to yours. You can read up here: http://forum.tribalwars.net/showthread.php?t=177262

If you have read the above thread, you will notice several high ranking players have pledged their support to me. I am getting incoming support from Omen (including the #8 of this world) and Rx4U players, which consist out of couple tens of thousands spears, swords and HC. Several tens of thousands of resources have been send my way as well, and Omen, Rx4U and other players and tribes have offered me their nukes and nobles to wipe out your entire tribe at once, in an attempt to eliminate the nuisance that is T-G-E from my area, and this continent.

Now, by this point you might be wondering how the hell a 650 point (716 points now) player gets that much support from players and tribes all over the world, not to mention how did a 650 point player single-handedly wipe out the village of a 1.600+ player controlled by your tribe's Duke? Let me enlighten you; I have played this game two years ago, when the number of worlds barely totalled 10, when Paladin's didn't got weapons yet, nor did Bonus villages exist, and barbarian villages did not grow. I am a veteran of the old days, I have been Duke of my own quite successful top-15 tribe, and after that Baron of a Top-5 tribe. I have had 200+ villages (which was a lot back in the day, seeing as most worlds were quite young), I have organised and coordinated attacks, defences and tribe wars on the scale of 100+ villages at once, and I used to play 16-20 hours a day.

Now, as to what I have to propose other than threats.

I want T-G-E to cease any and all activity in K31. I want all T-G-E members in K31 to leave their tribe, and I would like a full recruitment stop for T-G-E in K31. I do not want to see the T-G-E banner in K31 again.

I don't think, at this point in time, threats or an ultimatum are needed any longer, I think you know what I stand for, and that I do not have anything to lose by going all out on your entire tribe, but oh so much to gain. Even if I fail utterly from here on out, people in this world will know about this war, and they'll remember how a 650 point player embarrassed a 160k point tribe. Whatever you decided to do, abide by my demands or ignore them and attack me once more, I can only gain from this war. Remember that, and ask yourself the question, do you really want to be a Diplomat in a family tribe where the Duke happily sacrifices it's members accounts and villages in order to have 5 minutes of fun? If I were you, I would never give red125 access to my account, next thing you know you have lost all your troops and you have become a farm to a player much smaller than you.

I bid you a good day.

After all the time I put in writing such eloquent posts, you would expect at least the slightest kind of effort in return, but I guess that was to much to ask. Her following reply, was kind of disappointing to me, and you can probably tell that from the last post in the conversation.

2XTerminator today at 11:26
LOL I really think you need to get a hobby or something.... you are at risk of being swallowed up by your monitor, you are spending far to much time in front of it.

Aemilia today at 11:43
When facts catch up with you, when you realise your opponents reasoning is far superior to yours, when all else fails, use the classic insult of "you have no life!1!1!!!", and thou shall prevail.

For the record, I do have a hobby, I even have multiple, and one of them is playing games like TribalWars. I also love to play chess, backgammon, poker (I'm currently playing in the Pokerchampion of Flanders tournament here in Belgium), and I like to go out with my friends a lot. Thank you for your interest in my social life.

That being said, the only thing that really matters in this game, TribalWars, is to survive, thrive and prosper with your villages, and ultimately, be the last one standing. This game does not take in account how much time you spend with your computer, not how many friends you have in real life, nor which hobbies you have and how much money you spend on them. So, while you are trying to ignore the facts, while you are trying to get away from a simple yet undeniable truth, I am growing stronger everyday, and I'm coming for your tribe.
For now, this is goodbye, but we shall meet again, once my noble is ready for action.

A good day to you.

.Skull Reaper.

'f you have read the above thread, you will notice several high ranking players have pledged their support to me. I am getting incoming support from Omen (including the #8 of this world) and Rx4U players, which consist out of couple tens of thousands spears, swords and HC. Several tens of thousands of resources have been send my way as well, and Omen, Rx4U and other players and tribes have offered me their nukes and nobles to wipe out your entire tribe at once, in an attempt to eliminate the nuisance that is T-G-E from my area, and this continen'

Well i don't know about tens of thousands and the nukes and nobles :p I can't spare too much i'm on the frontline against Jokez :p Sent some support and alot of resources though.


Breaking News!

SH0CK3R today at 13:43
i like the way you don't give up... would you like to join us?


"SH0CK3R invites you to the tribe The Gunz Elite"

After less than 24 hours, the 160k point tribe has given up the fight and is trying to negotiate peace.

Suffice to say, this war is far from over ;).