Ex-Duke of [DT]. Hows World 8 going?


Hi Sam, my Duke,

Nice to hear from you. Is there one more year for completing your uni?

Virk quitted becaused he was tired of fighting alone and inactivity of the tribe. Virk gained back his normal life after quitting tw and he is getting married on 14 July this year. He is very happy now and has never regreted quitting tw.

I quitted tw too but I like to log into tw as and when to have a look. TW was where I spent my 4 year spare time.

Bye guys,


Hey Caesarr!

Noodlesofdoom here (The useless one that made a fool of himself on the forums). I think I quit before you did, and rather abruptly due to RL issues, I never really got a chance to thank you all!
It was a true honour to play amongst such brilliance, you guys were always there to help out anyone, always ready to fight when the time came and more importantly always had a good sense of humour. I miss the times of [DT], you guys were like a family to me.

If you ever decide to come back to another world, let me know I'll be the first to join you. Who knows I may even be of use next time round!

Good luck with everything!
Noodlesofdoom (Mike)


It was a blast while it lasted. But all good things eventually come to an end. 3 years ago, this game and the politics were a surprisingly large part of my internet life.


All worlds are the same, someone is gotta win!

And that was us, against all odds :)


The SOUTH won??

Woot! Finally... w8 is won! :icon_biggrin:

Grats to Pani and tango and crew...

respect for having the staying power to win it- well played :)

Bronzl? you ok mate? Improving i hope? Bang me a mail...

Anyway, well done fenix! Excellent job. Great to see this Mammoth World finally won.

Best wishes to you all,
Blue :)