fame or lame


Ok, Uhm.. Originally I made this thread in W40 out of pure boredom and it really took off ;) Another world even copied my thread and AI won't delete it ;(

Anyways, it's really simple.

Fame = You like the person/they have potential etc.

Lame = You don't like them.

Got it? :icon_wink:​

If you don't like the idea of it, just let it die. :icon_sad:


I wanted some1 else to reply because I don't know you... :p But screw that.

Fame = For thread that allows you tell some1 he is moron without actually need of cussing :D

T o b y

Fame - saw this thread in the copycat world and its a pretty good idea :)


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/feels amazing. But not really because I tore the cartilage in my Knee. But, feels flattered.

Another world has stolen my thread ;)



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Obvious fame is obvious?

Ackcody is in my premade for the next world, should be fun :icon_smile: