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Never mind liberty. Your chain is still on. Just give me my coffee.


Too funny to pass up! Someone who has been around yet still completely misses the point of the game:

i can teach u...

Lesson one:
Do not attack one with ur whole tribe coz it is not fair specially when he is in war with another tribe.
Lesson two: When a person (ie. TESIUS) stand against u (2 big tribes) it means that he is very terrific one so u must not dare to attack him u must edify him!
Lesson three: Do not post the personal msg in the forum coz it is not a gentleman act!!!
Lesson four: Whenever u dare to attack someone don't beg ur tribe to attack him, do it urself, this shows ur fear not anymore. (although ur point was 3times of him but at least it is more logic)
Lesson five: Reviewing of lesson 1-4...

p.s. according to the graphs I'm the one again who lost tons of vils in a week...LOL



I like this quote very much....thanks for quotespick.com