Farewell Thread


I missed the close of the world - due to my own inactivity - and just realized it's been down for 2 weeks. To all those I served along side of in KNT and friendly tribes, I say it was an honor to have shared the experience. Leading KNT for 3+ years was great fun and an interesting part of my internet life. I still sometimes miss the heated politics and the thrill of smashing someone's village. I'll never forget some of the people I've met while playing here. My many co-leaders such as Pyro and manjinjorgo, and my many enemies such as JPholman and tango. Even though the passion was gone for many of us in the last 2 years, I will always remember everything with fondness.


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Aye, shame W8 is finally over. I made a lot of friends here on W8 and more enemies... but it was entertaining and fun, I doubt it there will ever be another world like it.
You might find me on W62 if anyone wants to catch up... if not, keep in touch. And thanks.


My farewell post got more relies than this!

You were a good opponent. Shame you never mention your previous tribe, it was better than KNT.


Fenix won? What I wanted KNT or [DT]
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FENIX won bigtime, sad world 8 closed, it was my home world and now i yust log in to other worlds to have village :) miss a lot of friends also, played together for 4-5 years lol


Thanks for the memories, all. World 8 was my first world and nothing will ever match it^^.


It was a pity I left world 8 that early. Right after CLOROX disbanded I had a busy period in life and I immediately gifted my villages to friends. If I knew that so much fun was still to come, I would have tried to remain active. :(
Tried to join another world but it's just not the same, didn't even recognize this game anymore!


I didn't realise this world had closed either.

World 8 was amazing. I met some amazing people on that world who I still do have contact with. Same as CSBoecker, I have to thank everyone in firstly KNTC, for actually taking me into the tribe because without them I wouldn't have gotten anywhere, then everyone in KNT, and eventually [DT] where I served on the council for quite a while.

It's funny how I've come on here and still remember the majority of people even though the last time I played that world properly was 2009/2010. I suppose 4 years can't go to waste though.

To anyone that remembers me, send me a request on here if you fancy a chat. I'm playing on World 68 now under the name 'khendy' if anyone's still around.

Still gutted I missed the end of this world due to the fact I had no time to manage 450 odd villages. But I don't regret the time I had there.