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I would like to give a suggestion to make farmbot for premium points. This would be an upgrade which contains that if there are villages in our's farm assistant, then we only need to click A or B or C only once/village if we setted the template.

There are a lot of bots in the game, because it is hard to play, because it needed to a lot of time to play well, and win easily. It is a real-time game, so we have to spend our time on it. The farm is the hard side of the game, especially if we have 20 or more villages. Because the more village you have the more time you need to get for farming. We have some legal scripts, but most of them can not be used for mobile version, and in this rushing world we do not have enough time to farm efficently. So there are a lot of player who uses bot. But if the InnoGames could give an extra function to farm assistant which could cost like a 200 premium points, and it would give a fair chance for them who do not know bots, or scripts well.

My suggestion is that:
- Farm assistant is a good part of the game, but it would better if it works quicker. For example there would be the 3 button A-B-C, but we have to click on the top button for once. That would only 100 clicks after 100 villages, and we would have more time other important things, and we could not achive the burnt-out condition.

And as I think there are a lot of programmers who could write a lot of script to make their business easier, and write bots for themselves. So if we could have a farm bot, or mass farming function in farm assistant for bigger price most of bot's would be useless.

I hope it was understandable what I have said, because my English not the best.
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