Still Going Strong
BP is still there and some players are farming really good, idk how but really awesome

Yesterday Top Farmer's Or some real Lucky Bastard

1. King Banana 63.278 yesterday
2. Kreiz BiP 57.883 yesterday
3. Elsa TEA 57.092 yesterday
4 . thayerdaslaya PSSST! 40.766 yesterday
5. Posideon PSSST! 31.440 yesterday
6. F.K.A 27.732 yesterday
7. Skyline. 911 24.204 yesterday
8. InfectedSoul Jäger 23.595 yesterday
9. Luke Cage BiP 21.685 yesterday
10. king silva BB 21.627 yesterday

Any one from above list would like to say something plz enlighten us


I just farm my tribe mates after all their farm runs come back. Command sharing is love


its easy when u have more than 2k lc :D and when u have more than 3k vikings to clear up anyone u want :) s