Favorite Moments from W53

Discussion in 'World 53' started by Pleasantly Agonized, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. Self explanatory, anything from W53 whether it be a one on one, skype convos anything W53 related.

    One of my favorite moments was the skype room when Static was first formed, I've seriously never laughed that hard in my life. My abs hurt the next day from laughing so hard, my face hurt and I was tearing. Myself, X, Alekz, Greeny, Bitey, Ryp and everyone else that was there those first few days reminded me why I enjoy this game. A few days later Rogues opened up on me and almost rimmed off this world but gave me a 2 day window to rebuild and get back on my feet. Another favorite moment is a few days later, faaaaark and myself slowly got rid of Rogues in K65 and I eventually got back all 30 of my vills that I lost and more. Working with Brad was a lot of fun but those first 3 nights in Static was hysterical.
  2. sandy77

    sandy77 Guest

    How can a person only have one fave memory? This world has just been one joyous moment after another....

    would have to say Allos? raging he was capable to win the world alone and pretty much any chat involving steven, shango, sanchez, pervy and lloyd
  3. shango pop

    shango pop Guest

    dont have just one so will give you 3 :p

    1. decieving allos for weeks saying me and nicki44 would join his tribe, then boom catting the shit out of him, he quit there and then
    2. the malak chat room
    3. catting people
  4. Xplicid

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    My favorite moment would have to be the same as Steve's. The skype chat went forever, and every second of it was piss funny... It'll take something extraordinary to beat that. Alekz & Steve you funny kents :lol:

    Followed closely would have to be the same as shango's. Allos? fell without drunkMUFFIN, ZileroX, and That Bastrd hitting him (the 3 top accounts in Static at the time), and yet he still thinks he would have won? Blasphemy!! :icon_neutral:

    ... Sorry I couldn't bring anything new to the table. I'm fresh outta memories for this world, lulz. But for just those two memories I mentioned above I'm glad I participated in w53. Epic. :lol:
  5. Another favorite moment is when Alekz|MC introduced us to the glory that is Darren Sharper. Yeah X, that night was the best I wish I still had that convo
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  6. *TehDarkOne*

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    Nov 23, 2008
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    My top 5 memorable moments (from least to most favorite):

    1.) I could never forget the Chase emo moments where she would rampage about nothing for days. :icon_eek:

    2.) The Allos? rimming by Static :icon_cool:

    3.) One of the most accomplished moments was when we (DSL) won our war against RIM!. RIM! was one hell of a tribe and very hyped up in the beginning stages of the world when they where known as Abort!. It was a good accomplishment to beat the W12 greats and a superb leader like Rednecks. I am happy to have been able to play along side a handful of the former RIM! members.

    4.) The old DSL/Drama chats, some of the funniest chats, some of the most Dramatic chats and some of the most serious chats ever. Our chats had some major mood swings :lol:

    5.) Being at war with Voodoo, 2Hard and RIM! at basically the same time right after war with Perve. and coming out on top against 4 tribes that where more hyped up than DSL at the beginning of the world.
  7. lambezz

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    1.) Definalty the Hubris,Rim! 2Hard wars. Start up was so fun then
    2.) TDO said it. Our chats. Honestly we would fight with eachother and then some how pull of an op. We are major Bi-Polar. I am surprised DSL/Drama even survived with our fights
    3.) Chase emo battles. Then getting her to lose mod privs. Best thing to happen to the W53 forums
  8. Chase emo battles, is a def highlight!
  9. hot beef

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    Oct 17, 2006
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    1) Competely agree, that was great fun. Loads of troops heading in both directions and DSL working together to pull through it.

    2) Oddly enough that's exactly how it was. The last thing you might've said to someone on the main chat was an angry comment and then we'd all go and talk wars almost as if none of the drama was going on.:icon_smile:
  10. licca

    licca Guest

    1] when we got almost 20k inc
    2] when the skype room (orgy room) was created.
    3] when we found our 5th co-player (dildo) my fave coplayer
  11. damnatory

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    Jun 11, 2009
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    don't blame me so hard :icon_redface:
  12. The Cracker

    The Cracker Guest

    1] when your account nobled a 500 point village :lol: "by mistake"
    2] all the drama in drama! , those skype chats were really so funny, especially during the failed merge(cant even remember who it was with)
    3] Giving account away, this was probably the last world i played, due to work obligations so glad it was done playing with alot of friends and i didnt really piss any of them off this time...i think. Its hard to kick the TW habit but glad its done.
  13. licca

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    its 700 points.

    and muncius nobled it. not me :p
  14. Eternalsai

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    /me wonders :lol:
  15. Feverient

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    (bandit), no.4 tribe in a week.
  16. mynameissi

    mynameissi Guest

    When I was Rimmed :)
  17. hellfire77

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    Oct 15, 2007
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    When X and Bitey nobled a 26 point barbarian village :icon_redface:
  18. Me having a crazy fool co-player who made people hate me too gave people some laughs :(
  19. hot beef

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    Oct 17, 2006
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    Yeah she seemed reasonably normal for ages then suddenly snapped :icon_confused:
  20. narutocrazy

    narutocrazy Guest

    Your talking about the merge with Hubris I'm assuming, and chase wanting to run her own little tribe inside drama lol