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Why wait 30 days to block nobling barbarian villages should just block them at the get go.
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Love the settings but again I can't deal with 3 speed which is unfortunate it will never be changed to lower than 3.

I think a lot more people would play classic if it had a lower speed. The production factor and high speed makes it even more beneficial to the big coplayed accounts and solo players (especially older world solo players) are stuck not being able to keep up when those are more than likely the people who would enjoy classic the most.
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I'm also not really sure what the reasoning for not having a speed lower than 3 is? It's not like the classic worlds are big revenue makers so cycling through them faster doesn't make a bunch more money for inno. Is there a problem if classic worlds are a once a year thing (yea kinda sucks if you join and miss it when it's too late, but it would probably also then bring more hype and people getting groups for classic if it's was a yearly competition etc.)

Oh well


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Great settings. I just do not understand why did you have to ruin it with 10 level research system. Can't you just make it normal, so off/deff players have the same opportunity? Even 3 level-system is awful, but the 10 one is just disgusting. Been playing speed rounds for 10 years, and it is not even implimented in there except very rarely, almost exclusively on .pl server.


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Why does the classic format not get changed to similar settings that 125 has? I assume that it won't change anything from a costs point of view.