Few questions about game strategy.


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Hello, I am kinda an experienced player from Tribal Wars 2, but I came to Tribal Wars 1 now since 2 is kinda boring now.#

1. What troops for off/deff?
6000 axe
2.6k LC
400 MA
250 Rams

5000 spears
8000 swords
7000 archers

does that seem alright?

2. How many scouts is good enough for the first village?
3. Best building progress for off village and deff village?

Any information will be appreciated.


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I have come to the conclusion that for the most part, the strategies that made this game great are broken. I have been away from TW for many years, since W65 really, returning has been a let down. Now, rather than having any real skill you can pay for wins. Sure timing is still a part of it but, when you cat a farm to lvl 1 to prevent these militia, ram a wall away to save on your troops but a guy can pay to bring it all back up to level 20 each in just a few minutes...thats a broken system.

You don't really need strategy anymore, just the right scripts to run things for you and deep pockets.
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