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So.. Umm.. Since there are no posts in here... How about a little quiz so people can share their thoughts about this HP round? Could breathe some life into these dull forums.

- Are you playing this world seriously or just pp farming?

- What are your predictions for this world? Will the end wars be a disaster or a worthwhile fight to observe?

- Who do you think will win and who is your favourite underdog (tribes)?

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1. I'm just pp farming.

2. I think that end game war will be best known to .net history.

3. I think that Kings family will win they got hella members over there.

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1. I'm playing seriously. Trying to get better as a player and the increased speed will help with that.

2. No clue who is who in tribalwars anymore so no clue how the end game will be. Hoping it is fun though and will make the time spent on the world worth it.

3. I think R076 will win. My underdog is DSR. Long live Lord Batan.


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3. I think R076 will win. My underdog is DSR. Long live Lord Batan.
glad you were wrong, finally getting my first win with using no pp points except for PA and AM, kind of sad I have to be at the bottom on point would rather be middle but guess thats what I get for not using pp points, Thanks to all my tribe mates who made this possible.