Flaming Manners!

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I would just like to remind everyone that this space should actually be a nice place for everyone to visit AND post.

Some might consider these flaming wars fun, but honestly, that's no reason for them to be in every single thread and certainly not when the creator isn't a part of this little personal war.

So I want to ask for two things to be considered before every posts in the future.

1: Please consider others who go to see threads, if they will find your post useful (or maybe even offensive). If you don't think others will see it as useful, it's probably better to either alter it or not post it at all.

2: When you do get into these little flame wars, please resort only to game-based flames/insults. No one is interested in getting personal unless they've already lost the argument and then there is no reason to go on. It's also not very nice to be on the receiving end of a personal attack.

There is really no reason to air your dirty laundry here unless you want to hurt someone with it and if that is actually what you want then you should get punished for it, seeing as this is, after all, only a game. Otherwise, if you dislike someone and you find that you have nothing nice to say, it's better to just stay quiet.

I took the liberty of pulling out the good old rule book for these forums and they state this:

There is no way the moderators can be everywhere at once so I would like to ask all of you to make their job here easier too by not having to warn or infract you all the time for something that could have easily been avoided.

Thank you,

ADP (Nicole).

This! ^^
I don't often find stuff and post it here but if its applicable to you, why not! :)

Your friendly W47 Moderator.
Not open for further replies.