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Here is the most up-to-date version of the Forum Rules. If you think we missed out on something feel free tosend Jirki88 a private message.
Thank you for patience.

These apply to posts and reputation comments. Private messages should simply be blocked except for exceptional circumstances (real-life threats, mainly).

English Only

As with all other aspects of the game, this forum is English only. Please limit other languages to well known (or translated) short quotes or phrases and use only when appropriate in the situation.

Please treat each other with respect and remain polite. Do not forget that there are people of different ages and with different gaming ‘know-how’. Therefore, please stay patient if questions arise that you may consider "stupid" or "childish".
You may use tactics to provoke your opponents in the `Politics and Propaganda’ forum as long as the tactics are game-based.

Personal insults are not allowed anywhere in this forum or in any ‘other’ private format. Please make sure that all insults or “flames” are strictly game-related. Any Real Life (RL) related insults will be strictly punished.

Users are not allowed to impersonate moderators. Trying to act as one is forbidden and will lead to a warning. Please do not feed the trolls and do not post in threads that are likely to be deleted. Posts like "In before lock" are forbidden.

Players are also forbidden to provoke the moderators. Posts made for the purpose of creating a personal conflict between users and staff will be deleted and their author will be punished severely.

Players who deliberately act against the building of a community will be denied access to these forums.

Before you post, please make sure that you know what you are posting is within the forum rules. If you are not sure, contact a moderator.

Posting Protocol
-Please try to avoid double posting! You have access to both the 'edit' and the 'multi-quote' buttons, use them.
-Please reread your posts before submitting to avoid mistakes. Your text might be read by hundreds of players so make sure it is understandable.
-Be economical with quotations! Quote only the relevant parts so that posts won't get unnecessarily long, and people know which part you are referring to.
-To avoid repetition of arguments especially in long discussions you should always read the whole topic before posting.
-Please choose appropriate titles when creating a topic. Please avoid incomplete or attention seeking names as they are deemed unfavourable. Generalistic titles such as "question", "help", "lol" should also be avoided.

Offtopic Posting
Please post answers/comments that are relevant and relate/refer to the thread topic. If you cannot post a sensible answer it is better to avoid saying anything. This is particularly true for one-word-posts like "lol" or "rofl".

Posting Pictures
It is allowed to post pictures without any comment as long as they obviously belong to the topic of the thread. Pictures are restricted to a maximum size of 640x480 pixels. If you want to post something larger than that, please provide only the link for the picture or place it in a spoiler as opposed to posting it directly.

Post in the right forum
Please take a moment before posting a new topic and make sure you are posting in the correct forum so the administrators don't have to move it later. Please be aware that some sub-forums have additional rules. Please read them before posting.

Avoid repeating topics
Before you post a new topic please make sure that there has not already been a similar topic.

Grammar/spelling flames
It is not allowed to rebuke another user concerning his grammar/spelling. If the grammar/spelling of a user is that bad, that the content gets lost, you can use the "report post" feature to report the post, an admin or mod will then deal with it.

Extreme content
Anything deemed politically or religiously extreme, pornographic, illegal, or unsavory in any way is prohibited in this game whether posted or referenced. Racist or ethnic bashing comments are forbidden even if used in jest. Mentioning drugs is allowed, but comments or pictures that play down the use of illegal drugs or promote the use of said substances are strictly forbidden (this includes pictures of someone smoking a joint or similar unless there's an appropriate context, which for example an avatar or a signature lacks). Please note that starring out characters like "F*ck" does not make it any less a swear word. It is still perfectly understandable and still intentionally offensive, and thus is forbidden in all forms. This is Similarly the case for Acronyms such as GTFO or STFU. The meanings are known, and they are warnable or infractable offences.

Real Life/Private Information
Please do not post information regarding the Private lives of other users on the forum without their express permission, as it is a gross abuse of privacy. Note that this includes RL pictures, school/college information etc.

Do not use copyrighted materials of any kind in your posts.

Reporting posts
All members have the right to report posts made by members of the forum. The function should be used only to report posts that break the rules and must be accompanied by a reason for the report. After the report has been sent it will be checked by a moderator. Abuse of the report system is prohibited and violators will be warned or - in extreme cases - banned.

Forum Raids
It is strictly forbidden to use the TribalWars Forums to advertise or organise raids upon other forums. Raiding another forum in itself will also not be tolerated. Violations of this rule will result in generous bans.

Users are responsible for ensuring that the pages they link do not contain material that violates the forum rules. An exception to this are songs or other video media (this primarily concerns youtube) that contains inappropriate language: linking such videos will be allowed as long as an appropriate warning about explicit language is posted by the user, alongside the link. Do however note that for example pornographic or racist videos will still render heavy punishment.

Discussion about Rule-Breaking
To report the breaching of rules by another player In Game please use the support system. Do not open complaint topics in the forum. Any reference to IG (In Game) Bans, Ban discussion (forum or IG) or cheating is forbidden. Please note that this includes advertising cheating (i.e, offering premium points for services ingame). The Tribalwars Team will act with discretion in all situations. This is to maintain the privacy that stands between Moderators and Players, and we expect that privacy to be upheld by players also. This applies to Forum Moderation as well as IG Moderation.

See the "Moderation" section for more on Forum Moderation.

Signatures and Avatars

Avatars may not exceed 80x80 Pixels. Animated images and links with referrer-IDs are not allowed.


The signature may not exceed 700px in width or 80px in height. This is the maximum size limit for the entire sig, not for individual components. Two pictures of 80px in height one above the other = 160px, and is thus illegal. Any combination of items that exceeds a total of 700px by 80px is illegal and will be punished.

Below is a list of the height values in pixels we have assigned the different items your signature may contain:
A line of normal-sized text (size 2) = 15px
A line of small text (size 1) = 10px
A blank line = 15px
A bb-code quote (1 line) = 65px
A bb-code quote (2 or 3 lines) = 80px
Spoiler = 50px
A picture = whatever height it has (viewable by right-clicking it and selecting properties)
Forum-native emotes = 15 px

Please Note:
-Items not listed above are not allowed to be used in your signature.
-Animated pictures of any kind are prohibited; note that this includes the animated emoticons provided by the forum.
-Quote generators are illegal.
-The rules regarding the Content of posts (see above) also apply to the content of signatures, though we are stricter on images containing sexual references or connotations in signatures.
-Signatures inside Spoiler Tags may not exceed 700px in width, nor 300px in height.
-Everything within a spoiler must be within the rules (posting rules and signature rules), except it's allowed to have it higher than 80 px.


The Moderators (mods) are volunteers recruited by the Admins and Community Manager. They come in Three Forms:

Forum Moderator: Only have rights in the specific forums they Moderate, nowhere else. They will moderate fairly and will answer any questions you have that they are able to. For a detailed overview of the forum moderation structure, see this thread.

In Game and Senior Ingame Moderators: Not related to forum moderation in any way.

Elder Moderator: Overseers of the Forum Moderators, these people are the ones to go to if you have a problem with any of the forum-level moderation or if you have any questions on moderation in general.

If you have a problem with the moderation of any subforum or the forum in general, please do not create a topic or post in public about it. Contact a moderator with your problem and we will either explain the reasons or do our best to solve the problem should one exist. Creating topics and posting about it only serves to increase public unrest and will not solve any problems.

If you wish to create a topic regarding moderation, please contact the relevant Mod first.

We allow no discussion (this includes instigating discussion, by mentioning specific bans or moderating actions) of Ingame Moderation (or bans or cheating) in the forums. If you have complaints on ingame moderator decisions, please send in a ticket through the ingame support system. The same applies to discussion of Forum Moderation.

The mods have a very tough job: it can be hard to keep the balance between a clean forum and a fun forum on a daily basis, and they also receive a lot of negative comments and abuse regularly. We would ask that you remain patient with all moderators and that you would be helpful and polite when talking to them; this will make their job that much easier, and in turn make the forum a more pleasant place.

Please note that most moderators still play TW! They have as much a right to post in the capacity of a player as any other user on the forums: No mod will ever mod the worlds that they play, and thus there is no element of Bias involved. Remember that they are volunteers, and are players just like you. This means that outside their realm as a moderator, they are to be treated as you would treat any other player (see Manners section at the top). This is not an excuse to give out about a mod’s moderation, however, which is in no way related to their gameplay!

Breaching of the assigned rules will lead to an initial warning. The creation of other accounts to evade the blocking of the forum account is not allowed and will be punished. The standard punishment for banevading is a permban to the evading account and a one month ban to the main account, which will increase heavily with each subsequent attempt.
In very extreme cases a permanent account ban can be issued for the forum and for the game if persistent Ban Evading occurs.

We would like to remind you that if you are banned, that means that you are banned from posting through any medium. Thus, creating a new account in order to post, or having someone post on your behalf are both punishable offences.

The moderators (mods) have the right to edit or delete posts and close topics. Please follow their instructions. Discussions about their behaviour are to be held over the support system.
Every complaint or criticism regarding moderation should be voiced using the support system, or PMed to an Elder Moderator in minor cases. If you think your request affects a large part of the community and has to be discussed in public, you can post it in the "General" forum in a non-provoking and well-phrased way.

Arguing against the Tribalwars team that violates these rules will be punished and topics that seek to create or worsen existing problems will be deleted.

If you notice that your post or topic was deleted, it has been removed for a good reason. Please do not rewrite it. If need be, PM the moderator in question about why it was removed.

Topics posted in the "General" and "Suggestions and Discussions" forums need to be approved by a moderator before they are seen by other users. This has been done because of the high number of topics posted there that were in the wrong section of the forum. Please do not repost those or open other topics to ask why they weren't approved. If a topic in those forums hasn't been approved for a few days and you believe it should be you can PM the moderator responsible for the forum.

Please note that we reserve the right to ban or infract players even if they haven't violated the stated forum rules.


Use of private messages

Conversations, discussions and arguments between two people should be done in private. Please use the private message system in this forum or other applications (e.g. IRC, skype, ...)

Topics and/or posts that are created solely for the purpose of advertising other websites without connection to "Tribal Wars" are forbidden.
"Referer-ID's" and thief-game-links are particularly unwanted. Discussions relating to other games are allowed.

We regret that we cannot outline every single action that is legal or illegal on the forums in this set of Rules, but we hope that you as the users of this forum can understand that due to the fact that there are an endless number of situations which might arise, in order to keep these rules as concise and understandable as possible we have left out variations and specific sub-cases of some of the above rules in attempt to keep the length of the Rules down.

As a result, we ask that all users view these Rules with common sense in mind, and understand that if something is not specifically mentioned here, it does not necessarily make it within the rules to post in such a manner. For example: it does not say explicitly in these rules that spamming is not allowed, but it is common sense to assume that if offtopic posting is generally not allowed, that spamming would also be prohibited. Indeed, as a form of excessive offtopic and mindless posting, it would be dealt with more harshly than simple OT. Similarly, it does not necessarily state that quoting an inappropriate post is against the rules, but we are required to take action against all inappropriate posts, and if someone posts say, porn, and another user quotes it, that second user is in essence reposting the prohibited content. However, like the first example, due to the fact that it was not originally posted by that user, the punishment given may of course differ in severity depending on the situation itself.

We would stress at this point that if you are ever unsure of whether something is allowed or prohibited by the Rules of this forum, that simply PMing any Elder Moderator or Jirki88, the forum Admin, will allow us to address your question and supply you with the appropriate answer. We have attempted to make the rules as clear as possible, but there is always room for improvement. If you have any suggestions about how they could be improved or clarified, we would be glad to hear your suggestions.

Please note that sometimes we will need to have a setting enabled that makes it so any forum account will need to be manually approved by the administrator before it's able to post. This will usually be done to deal with excessively disruptive and belligerent individuals. Usually an account will be approved within a day, but it may take a few. Also note that if you create an account and don't play any worlds, this time can be substantially prolonged.

Please note that regarding the term "legal", it's German law that is applied. Also note that just because something is allowed or common where you are, doesn't mean it have the same meaning everywhere, so be mindful of what you post, especially when using slang.
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