Funny attacks and successful defences

Discussion in 'World 15' started by Lord Haste, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. willowsmagic

    willowsmagic Guest

    hey george, have you ever heard of multiple windows or multiple tabs?
  2. Valpo

    Valpo Guest

    i think what he meant was having it 12 seconds long without using multitab, but even then 12 secs is not impossible.
  3. seth89

    seth89 Contributing Poster

    Dec 22, 2008
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    It takes me 9 seconds from first to last attack, with a good connection with going back pages.
  4. by chance i do know what tabs are. :/ but yes, valpo has the brain capacity to understand what i meant xD
  5. Snorlax-

    Snorlax- Guest

    I've never got under 12 seconds using one tab, but then again it doesn't really matter as when you are using 1 tab you know its because if it was 2 minutes long it wouldn't matter. :icon_razz:

    At any rate, you gotta love full cav nukes, or at least some people do...
  6. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    i so want that sent at me think of the odd with a few nobles chucked in =D
  7. Snorlax-

    Snorlax- Guest

    Hermy is considerate ^^ He does love giving us ODD <3

    Maybe I could ask him to nuke you too? :icon_wink:
  8. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    pwettty pwease =D
  9. bodfish

    bodfish Guest

    i had like 60 of them sent to my k1's.

    Nothing returned:icon_biggrin:

    <3 hermy
  10. Valpo

    Valpo Guest

    the only bad thing about such nukes is the long build time. and as that is one of the most important things with nukes id advice not to build such.