Funny Attacks and Sucessful Defences


Sadly, yes. Though I have had some pitifully poor attacks from large Sparta players. My mention of Sparta wondering why they can't win was based off of a few in-game mails I've recieved (not telling who sent them). And I certainly didn't say that all of Sparta was doing poorly, you're doing really well Chad.

Thanks Bull, allies or foe, me and you will still be friends. :icon_wink: Even if I have to rim you. :D jokes

Maybe your attacking the wrong player? :icon_wink:

That didn't even make since to my statement...?

whoops haha
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tech! dude! Long time no see!

msg me and give me your skype or MSN or something! I've been looking for you on twstats forever. :D

Did you quit TW completely?

On topic: I'm sure I'll have more reports to post sooner or later...