Funny Attacks, Defences, and IGMs.


since this thread has been dead for a while i might as well post something funny.

i hope this shows everybody has big of noobs APOC are. lol have fun reading.

I attack scout st@rdust

st@rdust today at 03:34
I don't take scouting very friendly Killy, I hope that you enjoy my little "gift" to you, have fun
His Nukes

st@rdust today at 19:28
Listen, i might not be a great player but hey i do need allies in the world, everyone does, the tribe mates are great but even people outside the tribe are good as well.

I knew i was going to get my troops killed by sending them to yuor village. Why do you think i sent them there to their doom. Because i need supportive troops, plus this way is kinda better anyway. rather than attacking myself which is a bit boring.

and for those who dont know me, i am a ex. !?! player that deleted the account. i just came back to see how things are going.
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lee hawthorn today at 15:43 said:
Oh god.

Please tell me this Jake? Johan? Eddy?
No... it is not me. Have you ever known me to talk like that? 0.o

lee hawthorn

I thought 9 years seemed wrong but my maths was correct. Does that mean .net brought worlds out weekly or something?


I thought 9 years seemed wrong but my maths was correct. Does that mean .net brought worlds out weekly or something?
they released worlds at an uneven rate,

sometimes they released them because the previous world filled up so fast due to popularity.


so there isn't a set time for new worlds to be released. :icon_biggrin: but i would imagine it is when the previous world is at a certain point

lee hawthorn

They've been every two month for a while(since world 50 atleast) so I just used that.

Anyway is this guy someone under an alias?


I hope this guy isnt serious lol

Lilli190 today at 20:33
Erm for tribal alliances you need to contact [player]Marcotje[/player] he should be able to help you :)

Bulldog7 today at 21:57
So can we be napped or allies

This message has been forwarded by Bulldog7.

marcotje today at 22:00

Bulldog7 today at 22:01
Why not?

marcotje today at 22:11
Because you are too small and far away

Bulldog7 today at 22:15

marcotje today at 22:23
So an allaince/NAP wouldnt benefit us

Bulldog7 today at 22:23
Let's just be allies dough

marcotje today at 22:35
no lol

Bulldog7 today at 22:37
Wat tribe r u in again?

marcotje today at 22:40

Bulldog7 today at 22:40
R they good

marcotje today at 22:41

Bulldog7 today at 22:41
Oh. Kl u r in a good tribe

lee hawthorn

Hey Marco :) I got something from him too :)

Bulldog7 on 18.01. at 22:22
Want to be allies now. Human hulk just left

lee hawthorn on 18.01. at 23:17
Not really..

Bulldog7 today at 00:19
Please. We want to be allies wit us

lee hawthorn today at 16:58
There are only two reasonable options, the first neither of us will want is enemies, the second is a merge. Or we could just have nothing, you are too small to make it in this world, Storm have a very small chance.

Bulldog7 today at 22:10
So we would have to merge wit u

lee hawthorn today at 22:19
Yeah, however looking at your member list there is no point in even merging as not even you would make it into the tribe.

Bulldog7 today at 22:20
So wat r we going to do?

lee hawthorn today at 22:24
i advise you to disband and quit.

Bulldog7 today at 22:25
We r pretty good dough. So no we r not. Mercenaire would call me a failure. So nap

lee hawthorn today at 22:26
You're not good. Anybody under 50K should quit and under 100K needs to do some serious work.

Bulldog7 today at 22:27
But we r 16th tribe

lee hawthorn today at 22:29
That means nothing. The only note worthy tribes are those other a million points with over 5 members, the big tribes are all over 20million points. Your tribe will never be the best.


bulldog has mailed everyone lmao. he gets annoying sometinmes when he just spams

huggies best 4 babies

he didn't mail me ;(

although i did get a funny mail
BParker today at 02:27
I am going to ask Duke atutesquire if I can be allowed to
join [ally]-APOC-[/ally] with the expressed purpose of kicking
your a$$ with the rest of the APOC family. He will understand.
huggies best 4 babies today at 08:49
It's not that APOC don't have the capabilities of destroying me because they can; if everyone gang banged me it'd be fairly simple, but it's just that he thinks that he'll actually do something to help beat me :lol:
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