Funny or Successful Attacks/Defences


Seen this thread on a few other worlds and had a few worth a laugh myself. Pretty self explanatory.

I meant to send scouts but ended up sending everything but the scouts by accident. Didn't quite get the report I expected.

This was one in a series of failed trains this attack just gave me a laugh because of the nice 20 : 1 troops killed to troops lost ratio.

Nice nuke.
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i <3 that last nuke :icon_razz:

wish i had some funny reports though :icon_sad:


The first report...
You attacks with Def. troops, or You just farm him?


I meant to send the scouts in the village but got side tracked, when I came back I just assumed it was a quick farming attack and shoved all but the scouts in there, I realised about 20 minutes later and expected a full D to be lost but the attack didn't do quite what I expected, that village is mine now =P


~*S*~ are a funny bunch i know :icon_razz:

if i still had reports of what they did i would post, but they gone.
sad i lost vills to them once though :icon_confused:

dadly tri was more skilled then them. at least they took me down 100k points within 48hours. while solstice took a month to take out 200k