Gere we Ho, Gere we Ho, Gere we Ho!!



Merry Christmas W37...........Anybody see what I did there??

Wherever you are have a good festive time and always remember, a puppy is for life not just an excuse to quit TWs!!


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Merry Xmas peeps!

For those in East Asia and Oceania enjoy the presents.
For those in Africa and Europe we are almost there just dont forget to pretend to be asleep for Santa.
For those in the Americas, all good things come to those who wait and just be comforted by the fact that people on the other side of the world have got to wait 366 days until xmas again whilst you only have got a matter of hours :D

<3 W37


Bumpidy Bump!!

If anyone can find the photo showing a poster of Mr Gere on a car window with paper mache and cotton wool superimposed to make him look like Santy Claws I'll be most impressed...........Happy Christmas 2011!!


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I found a picture of one of the TW admins... not going to say who but he used to be w37's forum mod... :

Merry Xmas! :xmas smile:


Can this thread be a Christmas picture thread?? I'm looking forward to this guy arriving:

My granny knitted something especially for our forum Mod:

Amishgangsta is looking forward to Christmas too:

Cochrane too:

Lock up your doors coz Albino Elric will be making some housecalls:



Looking forward to a fairly peaceful Christmas this year............anyone else??


with attack breaks the last four have been relatively peaceful lol