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Over the years i've dabbled in the ol' moving pictures, whether it was GIF threads or COAs. Thought i'd take some time to share my work


This is one of my personal favourites. It's essentially the same image repeated 3 times. It gives a simple but sleek outcome


This original base GIF was over 1000 frames and took around 3 days to make. I shared the original on a private graphics forum and it was stolen and made it to Gfycat. This one here is lower quality so it was TW friendly


This is by far my best work. Also PLAGIARISED, The base GIF here is the hardest thing i've ever done and takes the crown for the longest thing i've worked on. I uploaded it to tumblr years ago and now it's on the first page of google search, noice. Llosgi is the welsh word for burning. The actual GIF is too big (file size wise) for a COA. The base GIF is over 5000 frames. This one here is only 3000 odd




These were the the first GIFs I made on request. The first one is a series of layers that I have animated, the second is a GIF that i've sped up and edited the colouring. They're actually meant to be transparent but for some reason the forums turns it into a black space :\

The last GIF is a cleaner version and final product.

I did lowkey create animated images for a Web Design company, not necessarily GIFs. A lot of that work has specific copyrights which means I don't own the images and can't share. These are a small selection i've made in my own time. Hopefully someone here can appreciate them

Anyone can get into making these, it just takes patience. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube if anyone is interested

The best thing about creating art is being able to share them. Even if you think they suck it's still worth sharing