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Discussion in 'W3 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by aprajit, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. aprajit

    aprajit Guest

    Any one quiting I miss this world so much it was like the best world ever it sucks that I had to quit due to RL problems any one giving up or doesn't want to play any more It's ok if the account has 26 points to 5,000,000,000 points I just wana get back with my buddies most of you might not know me but that's alright you will be knowing my soon enough :icon_twisted: and to the people who know me and were in my pervious tribe I would like you to tell me whats up since I left:icon_biggrin:
  2. aprajit

    aprajit Guest

    If you want to contact me via skype my skype name is

  3. mythos78

    mythos78 Guest

    well, right now we have a server war going, so i think you have to specify "old buddies"
    you might could end up on the wrong side

    tell us more about your history...
  4. aprajit

    aprajit Guest

    I remeber I used to be in OTB I can't remember more than that it has been around 7 months
  5. mythos78

    mythos78 Guest

    well, then you should talk to OT leaders again...
    how big was your account back then?
  6. MrsC

    MrsC Guest

    Hi there. According to twstats, you were in a small tribe called ootub. I can't find that you were in the OT Brotherhood.

    I'm an OT leader though, so maybe you could tell me people in the tribe that would remember you and we'll go from there.
  7. aprajit

    aprajit Guest

    Dude how can you not remember me I was the one who spied for you
  8. Spies are just tools to be used, not people to be remembered.
  9. aprajit

    aprajit Guest

    She used me like a tool :D
  10. Lucifyr

    Lucifyr Guest

    Spied on ootub? :lol:
  11. poopypop

    poopypop Guest

  12. Richdude460

    Richdude460 Non-stop Poster

    Mar 30, 2009
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    i want an account to get back in also. I'll join anyside.
  13. drluminus

    drluminus Guest

    Sure Richdude, you can have mine.

    Username: Drluminus
    Password: Yousuckmyballs

    Oh wait thats not right. I guess you can't have an account :s

    On a serious note, your gunna need to do a few things first:

    1. Make your own thread
    2. State your past experience
    3. Give some past freinds who are still on W3 a mail
    4. Tell us you name you used in W3
    5. Tell us what tribe you were in before.
    6. Tell us why you quit, (rl isn't an answer)
    7. Tell us why we should even give you an account.
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  14. Richdude460

    Richdude460 Non-stop Poster

    Mar 30, 2009
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    Understandable. i wasn't expecting a reply so i didn't comit to it. but now i see i have a chance so will get on it.