Going out with a bang


PP abusing scum don't deserve to win this easy

Corp have an alliance with becool aswell - sam also said he wanted to eat academy after recruiting the best players.

Saga - you guys should've took your chance when you had one. I tried to war CORP by ourselves! but everyone is too afraid to fight. (Sam found out from a spy in his own alliance!)

Sam forced me into making academy - or he would've force recruited my members.

Shout out to hollyghost & otto rocket

See you all on W92



I don't care what all of you think - this abomination will not go on under my name.

You could say "you left your tribe for dead"

Oh hush - my men are better than that - they will create another tribe and fight corp.

You know you're apart of the problem if you get offended by what I say.


Nobody is offended, mainly because you don't seem to understand this game



Nobody is offended, mainly because you don't seem to understand this game


Definitely offended.. Why u so offended mate :((

It's bitches like you that ruin this game - you're offended that I got rid of an academy tribe to the Rank 1 tribe - man alive grow some balls - boring bastard


When you said going out with a bang I expected more than a rant, especially after reading the interview thread I'm slightly dissapointed


Shout outs too: apathy, otto, King Gondi, my 28 tribe hmm the EDU members
Becool, saga and Corp - you guys are the biggest bitches I have ever encountered. Hurry up and attack each other

Corps logic: let's go after a tribe like 1/8 our size with an academy Tribe aswell
You guys couldn't even get a successful OP on apathy (what a joke) you guys are only declaring war on small tribes to help your shit war stats.

Saga logic: ehh il help you guys (28 vs Corp if you guys do good against them

Becool logic: ahh il just ally with the most hated tribe in the world because I don't want to vs them even though we could beat them if we allied with saga instead

I'm hoping yahoo and invict aren't like you

Get your shit sorted out top 3 tribes - hardly like your tribe is even good Sam - you spent easily over a grand on your account alone. I've spent £0 & my tribe would've gave you a run for your money.

This world is dick - if you want to join my pre made on W92 message me on Skype - we have some great names, I will make W92 one to remember. Enough of this pussy ass world.

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When you said going out with a bang I expected more than a rant, especially after reading the interview thread I'm slightly dissapointed

All I could do in my position was disband the corp academy tribe. So now my 28 members will fight these bitches - with or without me. Let's hope that some of these tribes listen up



may aswell quit..

So i call him out for abusing PP - then his solution is to join a world i will be on and PP abuse to get me :(

Man i must be special hehe


This is really nasty
might as well quit our jobs and join inno hoping this will go on for long

Incoming impact

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[15:53:47] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: [5:29:08 PM] Lloyd Hammond (The Commander): For all that play W91 I disbanded tribe because PP abusing scum don't deserve to win so easily
[6:11:54 PM] Sebastiaan van Brouwershaven: I told you Commander :p
[6:12:03 PM] Sebastiaan van Brouwershaven: Corp just using you guys
[6:12:13 PM] Lloyd Hammond (The Commander): Well I went out with a bang
[6:13:07 PM] Sebastiaan van Brouwershaven: Nice profile
[6:13:16 PM] Sebastiaan van Brouwershaven: Saw it comming from miles away
[6:13:27 PM] Sebastiaan van Brouwershaven: They don't even care how they win
[6:13:37 PM] Sebastiaan van Brouwershaven: Just play it dirty with lots of pp
[6:13:37 PM] Lloyd Hammond (The Commander): Oh well - we will win this world
[6:13:48 PM] Sebastiaan van Brouwershaven: Hope this world will be fun
[6:14:12 PM] Lloyd Hammond (The Commander): Yes it will be
[6:14:28 PM] Lloyd Hammond (The Commander): Especially how I make the world fun by doing unexpected things ;)
[6:14:35 PM] Sebastiaan van Brouwershaven: I'm excited
[6:14:45 PM] Sebastiaan van Brouwershaven: Now I get curious ^^
[6:15:09 PM] Lloyd Hammond (The Commander): You will like it ;)
[15:54:01] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: I am joining W92 with 50K pp and I will end your premade
[15:54:26] Lloyd Hammond: Okay loooool
[15:54:57] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: Why Backstab ?
[15:55:21] Lloyd Hammond: I always go out with a bang
[15:55:35] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: So you backstab me when I have been loyal to you since day 1 ?
[15:55:54] Lloyd Hammond: I asked one thing - don't invite revolutio
[15:55:58] Lloyd Hammond: And what do you do
[15:56:13] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: I invited him. You didn't want him because of personal reasons
[16:02:47] Lloyd Hammond: Don't worry I called out saga and becool aswell
[16:02:52] Lloyd Hammond: So not all the hate will be on you
[16:03:08] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: Dude I don't care you backstabbed me
[16:03:14] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: All I did was help you
[16:03:27] Lloyd Hammond: I never wanted to merge and you knew that
[16:03:32] Lloyd Hammond: You forced me
[16:03:42] Lloyd Hammond: You might not of forced me directly
[16:03:52] Lloyd Hammond: But when we tried to hit corp you had a spy
[16:03:52] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: Then why agree to it when you was 30k ?
[16:04:18] Lloyd Hammond: It seemed like a good idea at the time
[16:04:24] Lloyd Hammond: There was a reason I always delayed it
[16:04:50] Lloyd Hammond: Honestly you can rim me on W91 all you want I don't care - I will go down telling the truth
[16:05:14] Lloyd Hammond: You're the fucking rank 1 tribe - stop going after -300- and hit saga already

You're going to win this world
[16:05:26] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: Dude I have done nothing wrong towards you or your tribe on W91. I spent hours sorting this out with you
[16:05:26] Lloyd Hammond: Do you want to win by the worst tactics ever? Or do down as a legend
[16:05:43] Lloyd Hammond: Samuel this will be the best thing that ever happened to you
[16:05:46] Lloyd Hammond: Believe me
[16:06:00] Lloyd Hammond: You're going to win the world - go down a legend not a duke that played like this
[16:06:28] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: I am not going to talk about plans but you have really fucked me over and your tribe here.
[16:06:39] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: I never thought you would have done this
[16:07:29] Lloyd Hammond: I don't expect you too - don't join W92 because of holding grudges

The decision I made to call you out - will be the best thing that ever happened to you - prove to the world how great you're
[16:07:45] Lloyd Hammond: What's been done has been done - it's your time to prove your worth
[16:08:31] Samuel/Incoming Impact/Davepowa1/MWM: I will join W92 because of this. I am annoyed with myself because I actually trusted you man.
[16:09:51] Lloyd Hammond: I would keep that PP for W91 - looks like it's about to get tasty there
[16:15:13] Lloyd Hammond: Samuel one thing to learn from this
[16:15:38] Lloyd Hammond: Always be in a position to say screw you

You got backstabbed once, don't get backstabbed again

See you on W92
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"Always be in a position to say screw you"

come on sam - don't try call me out. It's impossible to call me out - These externals are mine

See you on W92
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deja vu3

After having read this thread and also having been a part of this whole process, there are a few things I would like to point out -

1. Lloyd I get that you are angry and want to show your anger towards a system that even I feel is unfair, but you should avoid expletives on the externals.
2. I get that you wanted to 'go out with a bang' but a fair warning should have been given to the members in C0RP who were relying on you to handle the situation and looking towards you for guidance.
3. I guess we will never know what Sam actually had in mind regarding C0RP. Though it is fair to say that some members would have become food for others, yet it is not as if he had not kept his word until now. Now I know that he has a bad history regarding such matters, but who am I to judge.
4. Disbanding C0RP might have been the right step, but the way it was done was not wrong (Refer point 2).
5. Sam, is joining world 92 with 50k PP really worth it? I mean you have a reason to be angry and feel betrayed but 50k PP for taking revenge on a world you might not even play seriously?
6. I think it would have been better to keep an alliance between 28 and CORP and not make 28 CORP's academy. I know how well coordinated we were in 28. Our OPs were done pretty well, we had good war stats and there was communication between the members. Ever since CORP started recruiting from 28, the feeling of togetherness, the bond that we shared has been lost.
7. World 92 will be a fresh world and I can only hope that PP and offers will not be exploited as much as they were here in world 91. Though, hard to imagine that happening but we can only wait and watch.


The quiet majority simply think of you as a loudmouth with little to back up your persona, commander

You've run away from w91 after growing so slowly that even pp farming players outpaced you

I don't see you having any chance of success on the upcoming world as your tribe is largely the same ragtag group that were outmatched in w91

It is very strange indeed that some people have enough faith in you to join your tribe. Perhaps it's just because no other premade would accept them

I look forward to seeing your quitting thread on the w92 forums a couple of months from now