Good bye Corrine Celeste Mills


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We lost our rank 1, half from it. Corrine, koibabe for us, left our real world for, maybe, a better one.
She was a fighter ,a real one, not only on tw, she was strong, fighting with illness smiling.Was a great mom, wife, nana.
We met on my first world. W23. Enemies who began to talk. I am sorry you could not fight, no more .
A star has gone out of the sky.
Sleep well my friend.
Bronse the Last =LODA= warrior
The Dragon and Flo/floadi


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I have talked with so many old friends in last week, sad now we lost two. First who left us to play tw with angels was Phill,

GorillaPhil, Corrine went soon after him.They argued so much, will be funny to put/see together playing tw.
Talking about Phill, he knew me as Bronse and as the last =LODA= Warrior


Still Going Strong
Fuk...just got chills..R.I.P
Respects, and hello bronse
Regards,Dream Brothers,It.dire,Finally sober...geo.