Good bye.. w5..

Dorin Baba

Good bye.. w5.. It was been a long war.
Congratz TSE for having patience to win this war (almost win).

I would like to congratz all players involved in the battle TSE vs VVV. Those still present into the world, the others who may have left some while ago.

I have seen the great time and the worst in this war.. while VVV push some borderline into some k and in time, the same k are not retaken and VVV is pushed back.
Since I doubt that the world will be much present..due the last events.. I feel to post this and invite any players still present to world or the one that left.. to write here their personal opinion about w5.

Have a good time and all the best in RL

Dorin Baba

VVV players who quit:
- tvmarko -- best of luck in RL , man !


Yet the last great world is coming to an end :\ It was fun watching the forums and maps etc as the war went on. I miss the old worlds from this time, where wars were actually fought, and not hugged. and worlds filled up 100%. Good job to both sides!