Good Songs Or Not ?

Pam Nam

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Cpt. Marryat

wow you just went down in my estimations Captain. Now I just think you're a lame hipster fag wannabe. That song is gash, pendulum and every other artist involved is a sellout piece of commercial shit that sounds nasty and appeals to 15 year olds who just say they like it to look cool.
I voluntarily played TW for years, so I don't think I was about to win any 'cool medals' anyway haha. But Dub, DnB etc do psych you up a little more than other genre's, so although I like things from Bjork to... anything, it's a bit hard to row 20km's to it all. So sure, call me a "15yo lame hipster fag wannabe commercial sellout", but I'm going to keep listening to it, just so I look hard though of course :icon_cool:

Btw. Pendulum are awesome because they're half from Perth, not because I'm a scene-wanker, trying to act tough. I saw them live a few weeks ago, and I'm seeing them again this year at Future.

I like those too Papa and Whiserd. I'll listen to pretty much anything, but I'm just saying, ^that mostly, because I'm mostly playing sport.

Other stuff you might dislike...
Hilltop Hoods - What A Great Night (Aussie rap)
Linkin Park - Enth E Nd (Rap/rock)
JoeyStarr - Métèque (French rap)
Bjork - Hyperballad (I don't know... alternative dance?)
Diams - Par amour (French rap/soul)
Eminem - Superman (Hip-hop)
U2 - Beautiful Day (Rock)

Edit. And seeing as I'm studying Finance: Fear the Bust


i must say dubstep is pretty good, quite a few of people round our area are listening to it.

the others i like in your list is eminem and the u2 one. tho i can really listen to most music types, incept for heavy metal crap and classical.

Cpt. Marryat

I went to school just near Hilltop Hoods, back in the day. Seems to be a musical area- here are 2 other bands that came from the same place (my school in fact):
PS. And that is a crazy video Whiserd :icon_surprised:
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Cpt. Marryat

I like the.. whatever you call that, spin? at 2:27 :icon_surprised: