Goodbye Strabrahide, old friend ..


A few years ago I met this guy from F:M, he carried the name "strabrahide".

He fought very well against DNS, so I decided to talk to him a bit see where he gets the will to do it. After a while we got along very well, he was typically brittish, with all the humor that comes along with it. Not very long after our first chat him and a few of his and sday03s guys came over to DNS.

He was quickly in council so our talks got more frequent.

There is nothing bad that someone could say about good old strabby. Always there to help, no matter if with real life issues, premium points for people, troops or sitting. Strabrahide was always there for his tribe mates.

Now, in retrospective, it is weird how a very few people you can even call a FRIEND even though you have never met them in real life. Only chatted with them on the internet for hours. One of those few I met in the now almost 6 years of playing was him, Strabrahide.

Why am I writting this, from the text above you can sense that strabrahide is not with us anymore. End of the summer he told me had some pain in his back etc. and was diagnosed with terminal disease only days after. He fought hard but it was his only fight he never had a chance to win. Shortly ago, my friend strabrahide has passed away.

It was extremely weird how hard it "hit" me even though I have never met him. Something I never expected. Sometimes I take the time and read our ingame messages back, just to have a laugh. Because that was what he was all about.

Rest in peace my friend and may the soil be light for you. You will never be forgotten.

In his last chat with me only 2 days before he passed, he told me he will win this world, so or so. And by god he will.

This thread is ment as a "monument" for one of the greatest players of W9 and a person that those of you, who knew him will always respect and remember him and those that didnt, is a loss for them.

Again strabba, if you are watching from somewhere, be sure that "strabrahide" takes the final W9 village that is not already ours.

Farewall, my friend.


P.S. those of you still playing, dont come to the bright idea to attack his account as I will hunt you down wherever you play and I can find you.


Damn, this is sad. Rest in Peace, Strab. Definitely one of the big names in World 9, and especially in DNS. :(


Strab was cool...always called everyone fella :icon_razz: