goodbye w20 :(


well i never thought this day would come but i have decided to quit w20

it was a shame i quit with the way it all ended wish it could of ended differently but i have definately leearnt alot from this world and will carry that on to my other world where i will concentrate from now on

i will have to mention a few players who i will miss playing with as they have been very loyal to me

Mirof: one of my best friends on w20 great plater and loyal as they come

IndieAndia:always the nanny of kiltom a great person to have in any tribe

poofy123: another very loyal player never afraid to attack

bigjustin93: a small playr in sze but was always at the front to attack and support

mukultripathi: been my friend for a long time now

i gotta add guyver just cause hes a clown

and ofc drea shes nice to talk and and shes hot :lol:

and lastly me best friend on tw XIVANX who will be coming with me to w43 via the new account i have for him SMILE!!!!

Bye All

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Robert...very sad to see you go, another good,active player leaving W20..
Will it never end...
But with the mess of the north omg....really dont blame you...:lol:
Enjoy your Real Life Robert:icon_wink:



what why randerson who will i make fun of or torture besides leg if you go ;(


I'll miss the massive pile of fail that you have noob.


I like you personally Randy (you seem like a nice guy) but I'm not sorry to see you leave world 20, you've been too self serving in your dealing with other tribes and helped to do more damage to the coalition than Prime could only dream of.

But in saying that this is just a game after all, so all the best to you in RL mate.


I still live in hope of the massive op you had planned for me January the 2nd, alas it isn't to be I guess.


Gotta have warriors to do that... maybe i can join prime and still make that happen for ya mate, lol ;)

alot of what i've said on fears behalf is BS or made to be that way due to lack of response... guess not enough people dislike you, lol... now land thats another story....