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Note: Packages are half-priced in W43. I copied this guide here to indicate the concept of packages, and noble attacking strategies. I have not edited specific numbers to indicate half-priced nobles, keep that in mind. Credits: all to Reduaram (not me)

Packet System

So, you may be wondering, "How does the packet system work? How is it different to the coin system?"
In this thread I will try to cover all the aspects of the packet system.

The Academy
One of the main differences is that the packet system has academies that can be upgraded a total of three levels.
The costs of building the academy levels are as follows:

80 /

14 /

16 /

Each level of academy can support one nobleman. Therefore with a level 3 academy you may train a total of three noblemen. If you have several villages with academies, the academy levels added together is the amount or noblemen that you are allowed.
When you use a noble to enoble a village, he still counts towards your total amount of allowed noblemen.

The Packets
To build a nobleman after you have an academy, you need to buy packets. Each packet costs: :wood:28.000 :clay:30.000 :iron:25.000

Your first nobleman will cost one packet to train, second nobleman will cost two packets, third will cost three, so on and so forth. Packets can be stored like coins, but disappear when you use them to train a nobleman. Packets stored in a village are also available to any of your other villages that has at least a level 1 academy.
Therefore if your only academy is catapaulted, or your village enobled, you will not lose any stored packets.

The Noblemen
Since packets are consumed upon the training of a nobleman, any nobleman that enobles a village that is subsequently nobled off you again is lost. It cannot be retrained cheaply as is the case with the coin system. This is also in effect when you overnoble yourself (nobling the same village several times).
The same goes for when a nobleman is killed while defending. If someone attacks your noble and kills it, then you cannot rebuild that nobleman cheaply. You will have to pay full price to rebuild him.

The only time that you can rebuild a lost nobleman at a cheap price is when he dies while attacking a village. If this happens you may retrain the nobleman in the original village at the price of a single packet. You may not retrain the nobleman in another village, only the one that it was originally trained in.

Some Packet System Tactics
A few hints and tips that you may find useful...

1) Since you may only have up to a level 3 academy in any one village, this means that you cannot build more than three nobles until you have two or more villages. Because of this, it is wise to enoble a village that already has an academy (or at least a high level smithy) in order to be able to build a noble train (a string of four noblemen attacks) as quickly as possible. If you do not, you will be hindered by your nobleman limit in the enobling of more villages.

2) Since overnobling yourself is so expensive and costly, it also means that prenobling your own village is more effective. This is when you lower the loyalty of a village that you own so that an incoming train enobles it more than once, costing your attacker many packets. After his train lands, you enoble the village back. Only do this when you are sure that you would lose the village anyway.

3) Since noblemen cannot be moved around among villages very easily, you should look after the nuke in your noble village. If you lose it it will make farther enoblements a lot more tricky, since you will not have many troops to escourt your nobles, and you will have to pay full price to move your train to another village.

If anyone thinks that there is something that I missed that should be in here, please PM me and I will add it (if I think it is nessecary :icon_wink:)
This ends my little guide to the packet system. I hope it was helpful.

Guide written by: Reduaram
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well written, half priced though just think about that when you read it is all


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So if I had two villages, both with level two academies, I can educate 4 noblemen in one village?


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I know! How dare he do that! Shall we kill him?

I mean it i hate it when you get his type in forums.
All trying to be funny n that shizz! :icon_rolleyes:

I personally believe crucifiction is the only way to deal with his type. :icon_razz:
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